Powerful Mayor Turns On BLM

(Republican Insider) – Black Lives Matter lost a powerful advocate with the most recent Mayoral election. New York City’s new Mayor, Eric Adams, is no fan of Black Lives Matter and he isn’t shy about that fact.

In his most direct attack yet on the city’s BLM activists, Adams condemned the movement for failing to show up on the streets to protest increasing gun violence and called them “hypocrites,” which they most certainly are.

Adams made his remarks in the wake of a mass shooting that took place on a Brooklyn subway car Tuesday, in which 10 people were shot.

The shooting has received massive media attention but, interestingly (and predictably) the media has shied away from giving too much attention to the alleged shooter’s black nationalist social media rants and his promotion of BLM.

Politico reports, Adams was speaking to New York cable news station NY1 on Wednesday when he was asked about over a dozen other incidents of gun violence in the city between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and, more to the point, how he planned to get a handle on the skyrocketing gun violence in the city.

“By being consistent with our message. Here is my question that I put out to the city: I thought black lives mattered. Where are all those who stated black lives matter?” he said. “Then go do an analysis of who was killed or shot last night. I was up all night speaking to my commanders in the Bronx and Brooklyn. The victims were black. Many of the shooters were black.

“Why are 16, 17, 18-year-olds out on our streets armed with guns at 12:00 or 1:00 a.m.?”

“If black lives matter, then the thousands of people I saw on the street when [George] Floyd was murdered should be on the streets right now stating that the lives of these black children that are dying every night matter,” he added. “We can’t be hypocrites.”

This has been the complaint many critics of BLM have had over the years. The only black lives that seem to matter to the Marxist organization are that of black criminals who are shot by the police.

BLM has no interest in standing up for black victims of black-on-black crime that happens daily in the biggest cities across the US.

This isn’t the first time Adams has spoken out against the city’s BLM activists, led by the controversial figure Hawk Newsome.

Adams, who is black and a former New York Police Department officer, won the 2021 mayoral race on a law-and-order platform. The people of NYC want change, not rhetoric.

One of Adams’ law-and-order proposals involves reintroducing a plainclothes-officer unit that was disbanded by the former mayor, radical leftists Bill de Blasio, in the wake of the George Floyd incident.

Newsome, co-founder of BLM Greater New York, promised things would get ugly if the unit was recommissioned.

“If he thinks that they’re going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we’re going to take to the streets again,” Newsome said after a November meeting with Adams, then the mayor-elect. “There will be riots. There will be fire, and there will be bloodshed because we believe in defending our people.”

Adams was not persuaded, he said in response: “This is what I’m going to do. That was my promise and I’m going to keep it.”

However, it’s clear more needs to be done, as Politico noted there has been “a dramatic rise in violent incidents since the start of his mayoralty.

“Major crimes are up 44 percent compared to last year, according to NYPD statistics from earlier this month. And shootings, which had already doubled over 2019, rose another 14 percent over the last year,” Politico noted.

“To make his focus clear, the mayor has traveled to crime scenes across the five boroughs to talk with victims and hold press conferences. However, during the subway attack that’s been the most serious incident of his tenure, he was quarantining in Gracie Mansion after coming down with Covid-19.”

“It was very difficult for me not to be at 36th Street and at some of our command centers,” Adams said Wednesday. “But I have to listen to the orders from our healthcare professionals.”

Meanwhile, Newsome has no plans to organize BLM for a protest of the shootings and to honor the black victims. Instead, he plans to continue fighting Adams and his efforts to restore law-and-order to the city.

“He wants us to have a fight in the newspapers to distract people from the real issues,” Newsome said. “The mayor is great at press conferences and he is really good at making statements, but he lacks efficiency and the ability to lead our city in a safer direction.”

Newsome isn’t just all talk, however. Politico reported he “is launching a number of community programs — including de-escalation training and neighborhood patrols — designed to reduce shootings and violence without having to rely on City Hall or the NYPD.”

“He called on us to do the job of the elected officials and the police department, who have a collective budget of billions,” Newsome said. “He wants to do this from a grassroots perspective. And on behalf of Black Opportunities: We accept his challenge.”

Of course, we hope that Newsome and BLM Greater New York is successful in these endeavors but Newsome is still missing the whole point.

Black lives only seem to matter to BLM when there is a political agenda to promote. BLM cares so little about black lives, in reality, that they’re fighting against the best interests of black communities.

Adams is right to be opposed to BLM. They have yet to do anything positive for anyone.

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