“Progress:” Joe Biden Says Military Will Focus On Making “Maternity Flight Suits” — So Pregnant Women Can Drop Into Enemy Territory During Wartime? (VIDEO)

(Republican Insider) – As the nation continues to struggle with the fallout of a year-long pandemic, economic crisis, and now a dangerously criminal situation at the southern border, President Joe Biden is really, really worried about pregnant women in the military.

I don’t think anyone out there has been concerned about pregnant service members; it’s an issue that has rarely been discussed on the evening news, never in major political debates, nor is it ever part of high-profile legislation.

Yet as the humanitarian crisis of Biden’s own creation continues to be ignored and denied by the administration, the president is really, really worried about pregnant military members, women’s haircuts in the military, and whether they have sufficient body armor.

Biden made the announcement about these new accommodations for female military service members to virtue signal to the nation on International Women’s Day, which was Monday, March 9.

“We’re making good progress designing body armor that fits women properly, tailoring combat uniforms for women, creating maternity flight suits, updating requirements for their hairstyles. And some of it’s going to take an intensity of purpose and mission to really change the culture and habits that cause women to leave the military,” Biden proudly mumbled in his address to the nation.

Right, yes, these are the issues millions of Americans are losing sleep over.

“Women are making sure more diverse candidates are being considered for career advancing opportunities at every single level; that women aren’t penalized in their careers for having children; that women aren’t just token members, but integral parts throughout all branches and all divisions; and that they can completely, fairly engage in promotion and compete all across the board, including on age and gender neutrality and physical fitness tests,” he continued.

It’s ironic that he’d deny women being “token members” while totally tokenizing female service members for the sake of doing some carefully controlled address on International Women’s Day, flanked by his masked First Female Vice President Ever, Kamala Harris, and female Marines.

Of course, he did not give a press conference, something for which he has set a 100-year presidential record by forsaking for going on 50 days.

What a joke.

Video: Biden Delivers Remarks on International Women’s Day

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  1. He is a fucking turd. If he farts 12 people behind him say excuse me. This is absolutely ridiculous and should be done with accordingly. Get rid of idiots like him and those who are behind him that is the only way to make America great

    • agree the decisions are asinine , with so many pressing problems who thinks pregnant women need to have armor and drop behind enemy lines? He is unreal and the world is laughing at us fro allowing him to rule

      • You are right in that the world is laughing at us, but after they are tired of laughing they will be working on the best way to take advantage of this insanity. We know the election was rigged, but what I have trouble dealing with it the fact there were enough uneducated voting morons in this country (who were legal voters) to allow this poor simple minded fool to even get a third of the votes.

    • I fully agree, biden is as dumb as road tar, he’s a brain dead loony. The AHoles who voted for him need to be locked up in psycho jails, they are a real danger to the Country, nobody cares what they do to them selves. biden and his fans are all losers, he’s a liar just like pelosi, harris, schumer, turbin durbin and hoyer.

  2. Un-friggen-believable what his handlers come up with. Sure shows how much, whoever this might be, loves, (sarc) our country. Why does this not get found out? Get that dirty bastard and charge him with treason and send him to the gallos. I don’t even care how old he is.

  3. Pathetic. The people who voted for this man, who throughout the campaign displayed signs of declining cognitive function, should be disqualified from voting ever again because their pwn ability to reason responsibly is up to serious question !

  4. Lets face it. Biden’s failure to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress is an impeachable offence but our now useless Congress ignores work done by our previous Congresses to create imigration law. Next our Congress will pass laws violating the 1st and 2nd Amendments and our totally inept Supreme Court will not call their hand on it unless some organization like NRA or GOA spends millions of dollars on lawyers. I don’t believe the Supreme Court was created to make lawyers rich but to hold the legislative branch accountable. In this duty they are failing miserably.
    Our government was intended to serve us not dictate how we live. I am offened by the government, BLM, ANTIFI, etc. destroying my country’s history. Does the Congress or Supreme Court care. No!! So at what point can we expect the Supreme Court to tell us that our government is Tyrranical? NEVER!

  5. All the useless comments that the President, his VP. and Jen are a real disgrace to the American Citizens. He needs to show he represents not only the Democrats but also the Republicans and just about all the Americans faithfully. Stop with the Bull S—it and be a REAL LEADER. Don’t you see what your doing to yourself. Let’s get on the ball and wake up your PRESS SECRETARY and have her tell the real truth not “CIRCLE BACK”.

  6. I’d much rather they concentrate on the safety of the country, than the once in a while pregnancy wear! Does Biden even know what the military is for?

  7. It’s some kind of perverse game, the leftard logic (because there isn’t a word for their thought process) is to out-absurd the previous absurdity. They keep us talking about the absurdity and maybe we won’t notice the insane debt they’ve just piled on us. And, BTW, does anyone really believe that politicians aren’t getting HUGE kickbacks from the “recipients” of the pork bill?

  8. It is a very sad situation when the fearless leaders that are supposed to remember and keep their political promises, once they get to Washington they develop such a short memory, and/or get scared about keeping their promises, or other hidden reasons. I wish more people would get a book that spells it out in detail about that I am referring to. The title is: ” Agents of Influence”, was written by Pat Choate.


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