Putin Calls Biden’s Bluff, Challenges Him To Live Televised Debate

(Republican Insider) – Despite the fact that Joe Biden refuses to speak with foreign leaders himself as the President of the United States, he sure has no problem acting like a tough guy and offending them.

Based on a bogus ODNI intel report that exonerated China and claimed that Russia and Iran attempted to interfere in the 2020 election, Joe Biden has said that Russia will pay a price for this alleged behavior.

Naturally, Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t receive this threat very well and recalled his US Ambassador. Biden told ABC’s leftist sycophant George Stephanopoulos that Putin is “a killer” with “no soul.”

Biden also put on the tough guy façade and claimed that in the past he told Putin to his face that when he looks into his eyes he doesn’t see any soul.

While tensions with Russia could very well be escalating, Joe Biden is busy trying to throw shade. What a clown.

Things have been made even more embarrassing for the US after Putin challenged Biden to a live televised “discussion” which Biden, of course, declined.

This was, no doubt, a calculated move on Russia’s part to exploit Biden’s biggest weakness: his inability to form coherent sentences without the assistance of a teleprompter.

“I’ve just thought of this now, I want to propose to President Biden to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it basically live, as it’s called,” Putin told a Russian state television reporter.

“Without any delays and directly in an open, direct discussion,” Putin added. “It seems to me that would be interesting for the people of Russia and for the people of the United States.”

Putin made sure to make the point that if the discussion is going to take place it needs to happen as soon as possible because he has plans for the weekend.

“I don’t want to put this off for long. I want to go the taiga this weekend to relax a little. So we could do it tomorrow or Monday,” adding that he’s ready whenever the US is.

Unfortunately the US will never be ready with Joe Biden who clearly suffers from dementia.

Besides, Hidin’ Biden doesn’t speak to foreign leaders anyway.

Maybe Putin would have better luck challenging Kamala Harris to partake in the live discussion.

Putin also responded directly to Biden’s claims that he has “no soul” and is a “killer.” Using the classic “takes one to know one” defense, Putin asserted that Biden is just projecting onto him.

Putin recalled that when he was a child he and his siblings would argue with each other and say that “whatever you say [about others] is what you are yourself.”

Putin also warned that Russia knows “how to defend our own interests.”

Joe Biden hasn’t even been in office for 3 months and he’s already starting tensions all around the world. It’s truly remarkable.

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  1. And Blinken got his lunch handed to him today in Alaska, by the Chinese. We are so respected and feared with this bunch in our WH! NOT! When they come on US soil and dress you down you know, don’t you?

  2. Our current president is likely to get us involved in a 3rd world war if he keeps doing nothing but infuriating our world leaders with his nonsense leadership!


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