RED ALERT: Government Official Warns Of ‘Apocalyptic’ Food Shortages

(Republican Insider) – According to a new report from WND, a governor for the Bank of England has issued a warning concerning an “apocalyptic” food shortage that could potentially be coming down the road due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We’ve been experiencing a number of problems here in the United States concerning shortages of baby formula, as shelves in stores remain empty. This doesn’t seem to have much to do with Russia, as the current administration has been responsible for a number of shortages over the course of the last year due to supply chain issues.

And, as usual, the Biden administration hasn’t done anything to make the situation any better.

According to a report from the U.K. Standard, Andrew Bailey went on to tell members of parliament about the possibility of the catastrophic shortage that could be coming their way.

“I’m afraid the one I’m going to sound I guess apocalyptic about is food,” he stated during his comments addressed to members of the Commons Treasury Committee.

The report went on to reveal Bailey’s concern, after a meeting with the Ukrainian finance minister, which took place recently, over future supplies of many different types of staple foods.

“Two things the Ukrainian finance minister said, one is Ukraine does have food in store but it cannot get it out at the moment. Two, Ukraine is a major supplier of wheat, a major supplier of cooking oil, he was pretty optimistic about planting interestingly, but he said at the moment we have no way of shipping it out as things stand,” Bailey stated.

“That is a major worry and it is not just a major worry for this country, it is a major worry for the developing world as well. Sorry for being apocalyptic but that is a major concern,” he explained.

“The Standard reported the comments followed a warning from U.N. officials that ‘millions’ of people around the world will die if Vladimir Putin does not allow traffic through Ukraine’s ports,” WND reported. “That comment was from David Beasley, of the World Food Program, the report said.”

“He emphasized that the historic port of Odessa, which has come under heavy Russian bombardment, and other ports needed to be operational within the next two months to avoid catastrophe for Ukraine’s economy which is heavily focused on agriculture, recently accounting for just over 40% of its exports,” the report stated.

This might comes as a bit of a shock, but Ukraine is actually one of the top exporters of corn, wheat, and barley, along with sunflower oil and more.

Bailey then issued a warning about inflation, going on to explain that the main drivers behind it include “energy prices now and still global food prices.”

A commentary put out by the Gateway Pundit, stated, “Last week, Italian League party leader Matteo Salvini warned the looming food shortages due to the war could cause as many as 20 million people from Africa to migrate to Europe.”

Bailey then said that if Ukrainian exports “continued to be impacted,” “Significant hunger is expected on the African continent, which will be a humanitarian, then a social, and finally an Italian problem.”

It really feels like the world is just falling apart, doesn’t it? And the actionable steps to provide some kind of relief are in the hands of a guy who barely knows where he is at during the day without friendly reminders.


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  1. “Apocalyptic food shortages?” Isn’t that what ALWAYS happens when COMMUNIST SCUM take over a country? They do NOT know how to run a government OR a country, and besides, food shortages are good for STARVING people into submission. THESE are the kind of power-mad SCUM who have STOLEN control of our government, led by that nasty little America-hating sociopath OBAMA, using the senile sock puppet in the White House as his proxy!

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