Red Tsunami: Black Support Explodes 7x For GOP, Hispanic Support Soars

(Republican Insider) – Democrats’ traditional voters are dumping their support for them at record rates. A new poll shows an unprecedented decline in minority support for Democratic candidates and, as the Western Journal notes, the “liberal political bias” of the pollster make the results “all the sweeter.”

The poll by Marist conducted April 19-26 by live telephone interviewers asked voters which party’s candidate they would favor in their district if the congressional elections were held today.

The survey found that since September, support for Democrats in general fell from 54% to 39% while support for Republicans nearly doubled from 28% to 52%.

The most encouraging result, however, came from the black community which showed support for generic Republicans soared from 3% in September to 20%, a nearly sevenfold increase.

Over the same time period black support for Democrats fell from 80% in September to 72%.

In a close election, these numbers indicate the Hispanic or black vote could sway the outcome in favor of Republicans. If there’s even just a 1- or 2-point shift, it could lead to countless upsets for Democrats all across the country.

The Marist poll surveyed 1,377 adults which included 1,162 registered voters. The results for this group had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

President Trump was already gaining major ground with minorities but it turns out the catalyst that’s pushing them to the GOP in droves is the Biden regime itself and the radical Democrats in Congress.

The results of this poll are devastating for Democrats. This is clear evidence that we’re on the verge of a major red tsunami.

The Marist poll isn’t the only one showing major shifts in support among minorities. A Quinnipiac University national poll released March 30 found that Hispanic voters have been flocking from their support for Biden in record numbers.

That survey asked American adults if they approve or disapprove of the president’s job performance. Just 32% of Hispanic voters approved, compared with a staggering 54% who disapproved, while 14% were undecided.

As previously mentioned, Hispanics had already started turning to the GOP while Trump was in office. His support among Hispanics was 8 points higher in 2020 than it had been in 2016, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won 66% of the Hispanic vote in 2016 while Biden received just 61% in 2020.

A Univision poll conducted in February found that support for Biden among Hispanics had fallen by 21 points over the previous year, from 76% to 55%. Disapproval increased from 24% to 43%.

The Spanish-language network cited inflation and pessimism about the future for the drop.

Yahoo News’ Jon Ward discussed a recent panel hosted by the Citrin Center for Public Opinion Research at the University of California, Berkeley, which looked at why Hispanics are abandoning the left. The panelists all agreed this is a real trend and believe it will continue.

Democratic political data analyst David Shor told colleagues, “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the two groups of people that we’ve really lost ground with are working-class white voters over the last six years and Hispanic voters.”

“The Democratic Party has become much more liberal,” Shor said. “Over the last four or five years, liberals have for the first time become the dominant faction in the Democratic Party.”

“If you look at things like the Texas local elections, the New Jersey elections, Nassau County [New York] elections, the Virginia elections, they all point to Hispanics not just not snapping back but continuing to get more Republican in relative terms than they were before,” he said.

Ward interviewed panelist Mike Madrid following the presentation. (Although Madrid is nominally a Republican, Ward pointed out he is a co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project.)

“I’ve looked at it [the trend] very, very closely. The shift has been happening for some time,” Madrid said. “Hispanic voters in California and Arizona have bucked this trend, but it shows up everywhere else in the country.”

“The largest divide in America is the education divide. Democrats are rapidly consolidating college-educated voters and Republicans are consolidating non-college-educated voters,” he said.

“The Democrats are not helping their case. The problem is they’re becoming an out-of-touch, elite party,” Madrid said. “The Republicans are winning this by default. They haven’t figured anything out. They’re focusing on their white non-college-educated base, and they’re gradually getting Latino voters.”

Democrats just don’t care about the voters who have been loyal to them for decades and those voters are starting to see that. They’ve done nothing to earn the votes of Hispanics and blacks who tend to be more conservative in values.

These communities are beginning to see their concerns are not being addressed by Democrats and never really have been.

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  1. I’m a Republican. What I don’t understand when going through history is why the black community would consider voting for a democrat. I mean seriously. It was the freedom of blacks that originally separated our country. Sure the Dems have spread words about how they favor blacks and will set up special programs for them but do they really do as they say when elected… Never!!!. It has always been Republicans that vote “for” special programs to give to the blacks.
    Just last week I was working with a Hispanic guy who worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day to support his family. He mentioned he has never took advantage of any programs to pay his way in life the 30 years he has lived in America. Of course his kids are USA citizens but he is not. He mentioned his son needing serious dental care that he was struggling to afford. I suggested to him to take his son to Los Algodones, Mexico. That is where I go for dental. I know a really good dentist there who is very affordable. The poor guy said he couldn’t. He is not legal here. Then we talked about politics. He would have voted for Biden if he was able to vote. I asked why? He said because Trump is racist. I asked, “so did that get you deported?” His reply was, “no”. Then I asked how was his financials during Trump’s term. He said that it was great! Customers paid well, tipped well. Because of the financial situation back then, he was able to take Sunday’s off during the later part of Trump’s term. Then I asked, “if Trump was so racist, why was he not deported? He did not have an answer. I said, “Exactly!” Regardless of the president, he has not been back to Mexico for 30 years. Now he is struggling with people not paying after completing a job and this guy works really hard. I can’t imagine not paying him and hiding behind a door because who he works for can’t afford it and know he is illegally in this country and take advantage of it. He did say some of his customers are nice. They talk to him first about their financial situation and tell him they need to take care of their yard themselves so he has lowered his pricing to accommodate for those who can no longer afford him. Now he struggles and is back to working 7 days a week for less money that when he worked 6 days a week.
    What I said to this guy actually made sense to him. What is going on now is the exact same thing that happened during Carter’s term when Democrats had is all, pres, senate, house…


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