REPORT: RNC Will Stop Special Support Of Trump If He Runs For President

(Republican Insider) – According to a report from The Western Journal, the Republican National Committee has been shelling out almost $2 million to law firms that have represented President Donald Trump since October 2021.

However, whether or not Trump continues to receive this financing and representation if he decides to make one major decision. You probably know what that is already, don’t you.

The report stated that an unidentified RNC official revealed Wednesday that as soon as Trump makes the announcement that he is planning to run for president in 2024, the payments will come to an end, said a report from ABC News.


Because, apparently, the Republican Party has what’s called a “neutrality policy” that prevents it from taking sides in a presidential primaries, the official stated.

“The party has to stay neutral,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel went on to tell The Associated Press back in January 2021.

“I’m not telling anybody to run or not to run in 2024,” she then said after being asked whether she wanted to see Trump run for office a second time.

In an interview with WABC-AM in August 2021, McDaniel stated that “Republicans in America would absolutely say the president’s the most popular Republican and still leads the party.”

“Trump indicated in an interview with New York Magazine this month that he plans on running but is bouncing back and forth on when to announce his presidential bid,” the Western Journal reported.

“I would say my big decision will be whether I go before or after. You understand what that means,” he continued.

“Midterms,” he added. “Do I go before or after? That will be my big decision.”

According to the report from ABC News, there are a few leaders inside the GOP that are concerned about Trump announcing his run for the presidency before the midterms, believing there’s a chance that doing so could prevent them from pulling in big wins.

It seems they’re counting on the potential loss of money from the RNC to dissuade Trump from announcing his candidacy until after November.

“According to Federal Elections Commission financial disclosure records, the committee paid at least $1.73 million to three law firms representing Trump from October 2021 through June of this year, ABC News reported,” the report said.

This would include funding for firms that have defended him in investigations that have been launched into his family business, which is based in the state of New York.

“The report said these payments have raised concerns about whether the RNC is legitimately remaining neutral,” the Western Journal report said.

Canary LLC CEO and major GOP donor, Dan Eberhart, stated he doesn’t believe there’s been any effort to remain neutral. “This is a symbiotic relationship,” he remarked.

“Craig Holman, a government affairs lobbyist at the progressive government-watchdog group Public Citizen, also slammed the current arrangement.

“By paying Trump’s extensive legal bills, the RNC is indirectly helping finance the Trump campaign,” Holman explained.

“And given the history of the RNC zealously defending Trump, other Republican candidates should expect that they are not just running against Trump, they are also running against the Republican Party,” he pontificated.

Emma Vaughn, a spokeswoman for the RNC, gave a defense of the payments.

“As a leader of our party, defending President Trump and his record of achievement is critical to the GOP,” she explained in a statement back in November.

“It is entirely appropriate for the RNC to continue assisting in fighting back against the Democrats’ never-ending witch hunt and attacks on him,” Vaughn commented.

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  1. In between the democrats trying to put Donald Trump in prison and the RNC wanting to keep him out of the race, for the RNC this is going to be problematic. Who will replace Trump. De Santis is not presidential material. Can he generate momentum as well as Donald Trump does so well. Trump is an inspiring leader. De Santis has gotten a lot of kicking in the teeth of democrats but can he hold a presidency. Especially when the Left goes on attack mode.
    The Left and far Left have a large fund of imaginative ideas in which they go after conservatives. First the Russia Hoax and now J6 crap.
    The RNC should be looking far and wide for presidential presence if they want to replace Donald Trump.

    • TRUMP IS TE BEST!!! F the RNC suspends funds o him, the RNC has no shame. they will be ctalogued worse tan the libtards! Can’t they ever come together for once behind the man who gave us a wonderful 4 years of peace and wellbeing inspite of all the hoax attacks on him??????

  2. And you wonder why RNC is loosing contributions? You have the stones required to stand up against the Democrats. Where is the Tea party when you need them?

  3. People who voted for Trump, knows he won, this is a obuma coup, he said on TV the best 3rd term would be sit on my couch and call the shots, with FRONT man, keep my name clean, BAM the puppet Brandon This plan to make our country a socialist or communist country. Has been in play for years. They needed a virus to keep people from voting..Mail in votes(not knowing where they came from Crooked machines they got from .Vensuela 2000 mules to drop ,millions of boxes that Zuckenbur-g put out. If the government paid for Trump lawyers, it was because the dems bring up fake cases about Russia, Ukraine< 2 fake impeachments.. People understand why would a corrupt gov. want to get rid of Trump….He stands for the people,,.

  4. Democrats want to run against Trump. Biden said so and that’s why the Democrats are propping up the Trump endorsed candidates. They can beat them. I really think the Democrats will lose the House, but win the Senate. Both Dr Oz and Hershel walker will lose. Trump is a very polarizing candidate who evokes strong emotion on both sides. He is loved by Republicans in red states. He is hated in blue states. Problem for Republicans is he can’t win swing states where he is unpopular with independents. These states include Virginia where Youngkin won by keeping him out, Georgia where Kemp won in a landslide over Trump’s candidate, Arizona where Trump created many political enemies starting with his remarks about John McCain, Ohio where his candidate JD Vance is behind. The big question is how many Trump endorsed candidates will win in key swing states. About 1/3 of voters love him and 1/3 hate him and many independents who voted for him last time like I did won’t vote for him next, like me!


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