Russian Ministry Of Defense: Hunter Biden, Soros, Pentagon & CDC Involved In…

(Republican Insider) – The majority of Americans believe that Russia is bad and Putin is a madman though this explanation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is really far too simple and not entirely fair.

Is Russia acting in the interests of Russia? Yes. Does that automatically make their actions evil or unjust? Not necessarily.

Russia, whether you want to accept it or not, is on the verge of exposing major global corruption involving the very man who sits in the Oval Office, his family, and Ukraine.

Putin has been saying that he is invading Ukraine to remove the “Nazis,” and no one seems to want to dig deeper into that. There is massive corruption going on in Ukraine, which is hardly a democracy, and it’s been going on for decades.

After the media has spent the last six years outright lying to us about everything from President Trump to COVID, it’s shocking how many Americans are happy to accept their narrative on the Russia-Ukraine situation.

It’s shocking how many Americans want to “stand” with Ukraine but won’t stand up against the fraudulent regime right here in America.

Nonetheless, I digress.

On Thursday, Russia’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) released a trove of documents they claim shows proof that the Pentagon developed and operates illegal biolabs in Ukraine (screenshot here).

In a public statement made by MOD, the Russians allege that US president Joe Biden’s son Hunter along with notorious billionaire globalist and progressive George Soros, the CDC and others were directly involved in the biolab scheme.

Maybe, just maybe, on the heels of the COVID-19 global pandemic charade that rocked economies across the world, Russia has legitimate concerns that the existence of these illegal biolabs spells trouble both now and in the future.

Not only that but the labs are being used to research how pathogens affect people based on genetics. Russia has every right to be concerned about bioweapons which could be used to target Russians based on their genetics.

Russia calling out this corruption on the world stage should serve as a pretty big clue that not everything is as the mainstream media paints it in regards to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to the Russian MOD, documents obtained from Ukrainian scientists working at the US-funded labs demonstrate “the UP-2 biological project” was developed and approved by the Pentagon.

“The main objective of this project was to carry out a molecular analysis of particularly dangerous infections endemic to Ukraine,” the MOD states. “This work involved sampling the pathogen from old animal burial grounds to obtain new anthrax strains.”

Gee, what could possibly go wrong? I think the real question is, why is Russia the only country who seems to care?

A briefing by the Russian military’s Chief of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection shows Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Investment firm is linked to the US military contractors Metabiota and Black and Veach.

Has no one else picked up on the fact that Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca is a COVER OPERATION?

Russia isn’t the only one connecting the dots. Infowars has exposed and confirmed many of these connections in their reports.

The Russian Military briefing explains, “The US Agency for International Development, the George Soros Foundation and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are directly involved, in addition to the military department. Scientific supervision is provided by leading research organisations, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is developing nuclear weapons as part of the Manhattan Project.”

“All these activities are carried out under the full control of the Pentagon,” the briefing continues. The Russians also claim to have proof that the operation includes 30 laboratories in 13 Ukrainian settlements.

A registration card found at a Ukrainian biolab was supposedly signed by Ukrainian Deputy State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Viktor Polishchuk and, disturbingly, shows pathogens at the labs could be used for the purpose of developing bio-weapons.

The briefing went on to note the US Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency is in charge of overseeing the biolab projects and US government personnel and contractors are supposedly exempt from paying taxes and other fees imposed by the Ukrainian government.

Under the UP-8 project, Russia says blood samples were taken from Ukrainian servicemen to research virus antibodies and likely to “select biological agents most dangerous to the population of a certain region.”

Clearly, Russia is concerned about the US creating bioweapons which could be used to target Russians on a genetic level. Why wouldn’t they be? We all should be.

What’s more, these US-run biolabs in Ukraine are also transferring highly dangerous materials and pathogens to other labs in countries such as Georgia, the UK and Germany.

“All this creates risks for the transfer abroad of sensitive genetic information, as well as threats to biological security not only for Ukraine, but also for the regions where the samples were transferred” the Russian military says.

A slide provided by the Russians allegedly shows the UP-2 project involved US military biologists studying anthrax and insect vectors in animal burial sites. It also claims that American pharmaceutical companies are also using the labs to test medicines on Ukrainian soldiers. This kind of testing would be illegal in the US.

“According to figures published in the Bulgarian media, some 20 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in experiments in the Kharkov laboratory alone and another 200 were hospitalised,” the briefing alleges.

The Russians are calling for an international investigation into these American biolabs both domestic and foreign and for the US to clarify the objectives of these facilities.

The full Russian Armed Forces briefing can be read below, and documents provided by the Russian government can be found HERE and HERE.

The world should be concerned about the existence of these biolabs. In a sane world, they would be shut down immediately but we live in this bizarre, progressive alternate universe where logic and sanity are gone.

Rabid globalists like George Soros, Bill Gates and, yes, the Bidens, are foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the next global pandemic. No doubt these labs will play an integral part in their grand scheme to see another pandemic sooner rather than later to move the world closer and closer to the New World Order.

You can be sure the next virus to be unleashed on the world will be a whole lot worse and more severe than COVID. COVID was just the dress rehearsal.

These people are sick.

It’s time for Americans to come to terms with what’s really going on in the Russia-Ukraine situation.

Stand with Ukraine if you want but you’re starting to look silly.

Copyright 2022.

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    Success for them comes in small measures.
    Are all the prisons in DC capital full up. Are there some vacancies. The prisons in DC need to be filled with real criminals. Let the current occupants free. They are innocent. The January 6 fiasco would never have taken place if the Left had not chested.


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