Secret Service Inserted Itself In Bizarre Incident Involving Hunter Biden’s Gun Being Taken By Hallie Biden And Thrown In A Trash Can

(Republican Insider) – Joe Biden is pushing gun control down Americans’ throats once again but perhaps what Biden should be focused on is reigning in his own son, Hunter Biden.

Over the course of the last year it’s become clear that Hunter Biden is a problem child. Instead of addressing the numerous issues regarding Hunter, Joe Biden just sweeps them under the rug and pretends they don’t exist.

Hunter is a notorious drug abuser and in 2018 he started an awkward relationship with Hallie Biden, the wife of his deceased brother. In October of that year, Hunter and Hallie were involved in a bizarre incident and according to some reports the Secret Service inappropriately injected itself into the situation.

On October 23, 2018, Hallie reportedly took a handgun belonging to Hunter and chucked it into a trash can behind Delaware grocery store Janssen’s Market.

Hunter and Hallie apparently tried to recover the gun several hours later and the police and Secret Service even got involved in the search for the gun but it had gone missing. No arrests were made.

The Delaware police became involved after Hunter reported the gun missing and because the gun was thrown into a garbage can across from a high school.

Despite not finding the gun, the police let both Hunter and Hallie leave the scene with no arrests.

Meanwhile, Secret Service agents began working to clean-up for Hunter Biden. They questioned the owner of the gun store where Hunter bought the gun and requested the paperwork regarding the sale.

The gun store owner, however, suspected the Secret Service agents were attempting to hide Hunter’s ownership of the gun so he refused to give them the paperwork.

Instead, the gun store owner handed the paperwork over the ATF. The gun ended up resurfacing after it was turned in by a man who routinely goes through trash cans searching for recyclables.

This story didn’t get much attention when it was first reported by The Blaze back in October but is now gaining attention because Politico has obtained copies of the Firearms Transaction Record and a receipt for the gun dated October 12, 2018.

Oh and there’s the fact that his father Joe Biden is attempting to infringe upon Americans’ gun rights.

The media, of course, has yet to ask Joe Biden about this incident involving his son and daughter-in-law.

The involvement of the Secret Service is very suspicious but a Delaware State Police spokesman insists that after speaking to a sergeant “who oversees the Executive Protection Unit with the Delaware State Police … He is unaware of any such requests or services provided.”

Of course, any involvement by the Secret Service would be highly inappropriate considering the Delaware State Police were already investigating the situation and because the Biden’s were no longer under their protection.

What’s more is according to the paperwork regarding the gun sale obtained by Politico, Hunter claimed that he did not have any issues with drug use. This is of course a lie. Hunter Biden has been a notorious abuser of crack and other hard drugs.

Lying on the form is a felony, though not often prosecuted. The point remains that Hunter Biden is exactly the kind of person his father Joe Biden wants to keep guns away from.

Notice how bad people simply lie to get what they want. That’s why the left’s bogus gun reforms are a joke and will never bring about anything positive for law-abiding American citizens.

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