SHOCK POLL: Young Voters Swing Toward Trump On Key 2024 Issues

(Republican Insider) – It’s been pretty much a given the last couple of decades that younger voters lean heavily to the left, thanks in large part to institutions such as public schools and universities that have now become indoctrination centers. However, the horrific job performance of President Joe Biden and his administration could be causing a sizable shift in the other direction, despite the very well known disdain young folk have for conservatism.

That’s how you know you’re doing a bad job. When you start losing young people and minority voters, you’re a pretty terrible leader. Inflation, joblessness, and the erosion of basic civil liberties is leading to eyes being opened about the effectiveness — or lack thereof — of progressive policies. Granted, those who are shifting away from Biden and Democrats aren’t exactly going all the way to the right, but all major shifts back to sanity start with a single step, right?

Connor Cavanaugh wrote in an article for The Western Journal, “Whether it was the hippie movement that heavily involved protests against the war in Vietnam or the modern anti-Jewish protests at colleges, the young minds of America lean toward the blue party.”

“The youth are also far more likely to buy your standard Democrat lie — untruths like student loan forgiveness and universal healthcare. Data supports this as well, as an April report from the Pew Research Center found that nearly double the amount of 18- to 24-year-old voters leaned Democrat rather than Republican,” he continued.

“It wasn’t until getting to the 50- to 59-year-olds that they became more right-leaning than left. Despite this inherent advantage with younger voters, other data shows that Biden may not want to bank on those votes for the 2024 general election. Research group Blueprint conducted a poll to find what issues voters found most important ahead of the November election,” Cavanaugh penned.

The poll, conducted between April 27th and April 29th, featured an online sample of 943 voters between the ages of 18 to 30 who were surveyed by Blueprint. The margin of error is around 5.8 percent, the article revealed.

“Unsurprisingly, the youth widely leaned towards the sitting president when it came to handle issues such as healthcare and corruption, but there were two major exceptions,” the WJ article said. However, when the topic of lowering prices and ensuring the border is secure, many young voters stated they were with former President Donald Trump.

“As we’ve already talked about, young voters are much closer ideologically to Joe Biden than they are to Donald Trump,” Evan Roth Smith, the lead pollster for Blueprint, went on to state, according to a report published by the Washington Examiner. “But, the two biggest issues of this election, inflation and immigration, it’s very notable that with young voters — those are the only places Donald Trump has an advantage.”

And things actually get worse for Biden. When those who participated in the survey were asked what their most important issues were, it was inflation and the economy that took the top spots.

When asked what they wanted to see changed concerning the economy, the vast majority of them responded by saying they wanted to see the price of goods drop significantly. Me too. I’m sick of having to sell organs on the black market to get some bread and bananas. It’s getting ridiculous out there.

“Only 13 percent of those same respondents believe that was something Biden was focused on compared to 32 percent who believe it was something Trump was focused on. While Trump is still far from popular among the youth, especially those in college, taking away two major issues from Biden is a massive deal in what will assuredly be a competitive general election,” Cavanaugh divulged.

Young people are finally having to pay the piper for the progressive policies they supported in 2020 and in 2022 during the midterm election. It’s easy to be idealistic when you’re in school or college and you have zero skin in the game. At that point mom and dad are paying the tab for your education, food, and other bills. However, when out on your own with your first real job, things become clear quickly.

Let’s hope this awakening continues through November.

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  1. Although young people have been indoctrinated for years, even they can see how much better off they were during Trumps four years and how much worse off they are under bidens almost four years. The money in your pocket doesn’t lie and the continued higher prices is way too obvious to ignore! IMO


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