Shock Video: Ashli Babbitt Tries To Stop Violent Capitol Agitator Seconds Before Being Killed

(Republican Insider) – According to a report from the Western Journal, a new video seems to show Ashli Babbitt trying to stop a violent rioter from gaining access to the inside of the U.S. Capitol building during the riot that occurred on Jan. 6, 2021.

Just moments after this scene was captured on film, Capitol Police Officer Lt. Michael Byrd would fatally shoot Babbitt, a tragedy that not only could have been avoided with proper audible warnings being issued, but also if the officer at hand remained cool under pressure.

What’s even more infuriating is that there were several other instances of violence, including the situation that Babbitt was trying to defuse, yet she was the only person shot and killed during the chaos.

This new footage, however, raises a lot more questions about the shooting.

Tyler Hansen, an independent journalist, released the 25-second video clip on Tuesday.

A man who has been identified as Zachary Alam can be seen in the footage punching through a window in the Capitol as a nearby police officer took no action to stop him.

“Babbitt appeared to grab Alam’s backpack, causing him to turn and look at the 35-year-old veteran right before she delivered a punch to the middle of his face. As the impact sent his glasses falling, the camera shifted away from the encounter,” the WJ report said.

“According to Hansen, this was only seven seconds before Babbitt was fatally shot by Byrd while seemingly attempting to scale a hastily assembled police barricade. Footage of the encounter that preceded the shooting can be seen below,” the report continued.


The Justice Department arrested Alam on Jan. 30, 2021.

“A case document from the DOJ shows a mountain of charges against him, including several related to alleged assaults on police. While Alam is presumed innocent until proved guilty, video of the encounter likely will not do him any favors in court,” the report added.

Radical leftists have spent the last year vilifying Babbitt as some kind of wack-a-do homegrown terrorist, despite the fact she served her country in the armed forces, all based on the narrative they wanted to push in order to help conservatives look like crazed individuals bent on revolution.

They conveniently forgot all about Black Lives Matter and Antifa carrying out massive riots all over the country in 2020 apparently.

The new footage appears to prove that the young Air Force veteran was not there to participate in acts of violence or mayhem, but tried to actively stop the destruction from taking place.

Instead of backing down as the crowd grew more rowdy, she stood her ground and appeared to be totally shocked that the police were doing nothing to stop the rioters.

“I believe she saw their inaction as odd or off, and was ultimately confused as to what was happening,” husband Aaron Babbitt stated in an interview with The Epoch Times.

“She was a take-charge kind of person,” Babbitt added. “Her frustrations show that the cops who should’ve been taking charge — weren’t.”

While Democrats and Capitol Police are seemingly treating the case as closed, this new footage should make it clear that the general public has not been given the full story of what happened to Ashli Babbitt.

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