SHOCK VIDEO: Biden Claims To Have ‘Cancer’

(Republican Insider) – Joe Biden, the man who occupies the highest office in the United States government, has become both famous and infamous, but not because he’s some sort of great leader. It’s actually quite the opposite. His horrific domestic policies, which have trashed our economy, coupled with his constant creation of gaffes and blunders, are what have made this man a legend in his own time.

However, his latest verbal oopsie needs some serious explaining. Preferably, sooner rather than later.

According to WND, Biden stated during a speech that he has “cancer.”

“He was in Massachusetts to announce what he wants to do – as an executive and without Congress – to fight climate change, since Republicans and Democrats in Congress aren’t going along with him,” the WND report said.

Biden then went on to say it’s an “emergency.”

Twitchy then reported that Biden said, “We’re a bit surprised the White House didn’t have Biden deliver the speech in the Nevada desert while telling everybody that’s what it looks like just outside Scranton now because of climate change.”

“But if you weren’t already convinced that a few trillion more dollars should be spent and Biden should be able to do it without congressional approval, allow the president to use a personal story to explain how oil caused (and causes) cancer,” Biden continued.

And that’s when the report pointed out the bit about cancer.

There was a significant amount of doubt floating around on social media about what, exactly, that statement meant.

Twitchy then attempted to explain the situation, saying, “Even though he used the word ‘have,’ Biden might have been referencing the removal of non-melanoma skin cancers that a White House doctor’s report last year blamed on too much time in the sun…”

I mean, we all know that Biden is not what you’d call a master public speaker. The man mumbles, fumbles, and jumbles his speeches on a weekly basis. He even admitted once that he is a gaffe machine. And that might have been the first and last time Joe Biden ever told the truth.

Regardless, the White House needs to come out and clarify this statement, truthfully, so that we the people know what’s going on with him. If he does have cancer and it’s serious, well, he needs to step down from office as he would be unfit for duty, where he can focus on treatment.

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  1. He could be fishing for sympathy from a public that is heartily sick of the way he is running the country.
    If he really does have cancer then he should step down. He is now unfit both mentally and physically to run the country.


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