Shocking: Ashli Babbitt Shooter May Be Member Of Mike Pence’s Security Detail

(Republican Insider) – Nearly 6 months after Ashli Babbitt was gunned down inside the US Capitol building on Jan. 6, we still don’t know the identity of her shooter.

While police officers who shoot black suspects are immediately made into a spectacle for the world, Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt’s killer gets to enjoy the benefits of anonymity and establishment protection.

After all, he’s one of them and murdering white Trump supporters is perfectly justifiable to the radical left.

Last month, Ashli Babbitt’s husband, Aaron Babbitt, and his attorney Terrell Roberts joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss the continued challenges they have been having in getting any information about her death and especially in regards to the identity of her government-employed killer.

During the interview, Roberts indicated that the shooter (pictured here) was likely the same as the Capitol Officer who left his loaded gun in a restroom inside the Capitol building.

Carlson asked, “Mr. Roberts, let me ask you, there are reports online, that’s incredible I don’t know if they’re true, that the Capitol Hill police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, I’m not going to mention the name, was the same officer that left his loaded handgun in a public men’s room on the Capitol. Do you believe that is the officer, it seems like a very reckless person, who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6th?”

Attorney Roberts responded in the affirmative and said, “That’s my belief. That’s my belief.”

We still aren’t any closer to finding out the identity of this killer, however, the Spectator just released new information on Wednesday indicating that the shooter just might be a member of Mike Pence’s security detail.

That would be an explosive revelation, if true.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to the Babbitt family attorneys and were told that they intend to look into this new allegation.

According to the Spectator, it is sources “close to and within the intelligence community” who are allegedly that the shooter was a member of former Vice President Mike Pence’s protective detail.

This would mean that the shooter was not a member of the Capitol Police but of the US Secret Service. One source contended that the identity of the shooter is “basically an open secret” in the intelligence community.

As a matter of fact, the Spectator says that according to their source the shooter has been identified as a Capitol Officer purposefully in order to keep Americans off his scent.

It would also look pretty bad for Mike Pence if the shooter were to be officially identified as a member of his personal security detail.

Federal officials claim that the shooter is being protected due to threats against his life but Aaron Babbitt says that Ashli’s family deserves to know who shot her. He is suing Washington DC for access to records that would supposedly reveal the name of the shooter.

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  1. Gosh, and although I couldn’t tell, he was dutifully wearing a safe Covid mask in the picture, but he might have been black too.
    Gosharooties, has ever a black man shot a white person? Especially if he were a holier than Trump Pence employee?
    I think that this is Russian information. No black body guard of The Good Mike Pence would do such a thing.
    The Russians did it.

  2. A near black or Mexican older aged man with black glasses showed him shoot the lady. The Video showed the same day in youtube and on another site.

  3. We know Mike Pence is as deep state as he could get. It makes sense that his detail would murder a patriot. Mike Pence is a pig and traitor who has been exposed. The commie media is now trying to re-cast Pence as somehow a good guy. — The media should know they can’t put lipstick on a pig.


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