SHOCKING: Doctor Calls For Lockdown For… The VACCINATED!

(Republican Insider) – A German doctor’s recent statement about support for lockdowns is certainly not going to sit well when it comes to the hardcore leftists out there who have been foaming at the mouth to get these kind of measures put in place for folks who refuse to be vaccinated.

According to a report from WND, Dr. Kenan Katmer is actually calling for a two-month lockdown in order to help fight against the spread of COVID-19. However, rather than stashing away the unvaccinated, he wants to see those who have received the vaccine to be locked down.

A report from the folks over at Free West Media goes on to reveal that Dr. Katmer thinks those who have been vaccinated are “the biggest virus spreaders.”

“According to a report by the WAZ, the doctor runs a family doctor’s practice in Altenbochum, where he also offers Corona tests and vaccinations. From the results of the tests in his own practice and the four test centers in Bochum, he was able to conclude that ’90 percent of the positive people who were tested by me were vaccinated,'” the Free West report said.

He then went on to say that the vaccinated think “that with the vaccination the Coronavirus will no longer harm them, but that is a fallacy.”

That does seem to be something the vast majority of folks who have received the jab seem to think, which is why so many foot soldiers for the vaccine mandate push so hard for individuals to take the shots. However, there’s a lot of data that points toward the vaccine being powerless to actually stop the spread of the virus.

Dr. Katmer then stated that a two-month lockdown “only for vaccinated people should be declared by public health authorities. If these restrictions were then adhered to, the contacts reduced and the vaccination campaign continued, ‘the pandemic would then end quickly.'”

“The physician is not the only one with those perspectives, according to Free West, which noted that Dr. Michael Tenholt from the Medical Quality Network in Bochum suggested instead of a lockdown, there should be more mandatory testing for the vaccinated,” the WND report says.

“It is true that many people who are vaccinated feel too safe. Therefore, in my opinion, it is important to also test the vaccinated,” he went on to say.

In France, the report noted, “Professor Christian Perronne, one of the most renowned French experts on infectious diseases and long-standing government adviser, has long been a firm skeptic of the Covid-19 vaccination policy – and not just in his home country. With a view to the situation in Israel and Great Britain, Perronne has now publicly called for people vaccinated against Covid-19 to be quarantined and isolated from society.”

This is all the exact opposite of what politicians here in the United States and in other places have demanded thus far. However, the report then cited evidence that demonstrates the shots effectiveness diminishes rather rapidly.

The article in question takes time to explain how officials working for our government have been openly promoting the vaccine as “safe and effective,” despite the fact they don’t really know what these shots can do and what side effects might occur.

The report then went on to explain the hypocrisy behind a story published in a German tabloid called Bild, just a few days ago.

“On November 21, the BioNtech founder declared that the ‘protection’ of the shot was still ‘very high’ after nine months. Four days later, the EU Commission announced the expiry of health passports… after nine months,” it said.

“We’ve seen clear facts, unambiguous data, and trustworthy studies that have demonstrated three things beyond a shadow of a doubt: The ‘vaccinated’ are just as likely as the ‘unvaccinated’ to contract Covid-19 when they come in contact with the disease, the ‘vaccinated’ are just as likely as the ‘unvaccinated’ to spread Covid-19 when others come in contact with them [and] many of the ‘vaccinated’ have been lulled into a false sense of security that makes them more likely to engage in Covid-spreading activities and are therefore the real coronavirus super-spreaders,” a commentary from Truth Based Media proclaimed.

The report then said that “experts” are continuing to echo ” the vax-nanny mantras because they know far too many Americans refuse to look at the facts or think for themselves.”

The same commentator then wrote, “Perhaps the saddest realization for me in the era of Pandemic Panic Theater is seeing how reliant Americans are on the ‘experts’ for information and direction. The data is available for anyone with an internet connection to see. But many if not most Americans have willfully stuck their collective heads in the sand and ignored the science in wholesale. Why? Because the ‘experts’ deliver false conclusions from the science and most are simply too lazy to do some fact-checking on their own.”

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