Shocking Footage Shows Amazon Employee Viciously Punching Older Woman In California

(Republican Insider) – Antifa and Black Lives Matter terror organizations have taught minorities in America that if things don’t go your way, if you don’t get what you want, or if you’re offended, just respond with violence.

It’s become acceptable to just lash out in violence as long as people feel “justified” in their minds. Minorities are becoming increasingly more hostile towards white Americans simply because Antifa and BLM have told them to be.

Instead of working together to make the improvements Antifa and BLM seem to think America needs to make, they’re purposefully and intentionally pitting white Americans against black Americans and other minorities.

The fruit of this has become manifest on numerous occasions and the latest comes out of Alameda County, California, where a 21-year-old Hispanic Amazon worker has been caught on camera repeatedly punching an older white woman in the head.

The awful incident took place on Thursday in Castro Valley, California. Surveillance cameras captured the Amazon employee Itzel Ramirez brutally punching an older resident of an apartment building multiple times.

The confrontation began after the 67-year-old resident of Vista Creek Apartments had waited for over 15 minutes for her package to be delivered. When she asked the Amazon employee about the hold up and when she could get her package, the employee became agitated and things took an ugly turn.

According to the apartment complex’s owner Doug Smith, the victim had complained about being made to wait to receive her package and after making inquiry with the Amazon worker the two began to argue.

Smith said that Ramirez said something about the woman’s “white privilege” while the victim called Ramirez a b**** in response.

“It was frightening to see an Amazon driver do that, somebody who we allow onto the property to provide us a service”, Doug Smith told KRON-TV.

According to KRON-TV, Ramirez was arrested for elder abuse and battery and is being held on $100,000 bail.

Naturally, Ramirez is claiming that she acted in self-defense despite the fact that the video footage clearly shows the older woman posing no physical threat to her whatsoever and it shows Ramirez aggressively attacking the woman.

Words, however, can be violent nowadays. Perhaps Ramirez felt as though the woman had committed violence against her for simply asking about her package and was defending herself from the violent words by savagely beating the woman.

Antifa and BLM have brainwashed young Americans into thinking that spoken words can be acts of violence and therefore actual physical violence is justified.

That would explain why Antifa and BLM thugs and terrorists caused in excess of $2 billion in damages in cities across the United States over the course of 2020.

These are truly some backwards, crazy times we live in. While these social justice groups claim to be working to eradicate racism all they’re really doing is implementing it and creating racial tensions that haven’t been seen for decades in America.

It’s all a sham and one that minorities need to stop falling for. Things are getting worse in the US for everyone, not better.

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  1. The ammunition manufacturers need to step up production, I for one want to be prepared for the upcoming blood bath of liberals.

  2. Not about Amazon; simply about a trusted employee that has extreme anger issues aligned with past historical layers. However, what was discussed? Part of this situation.

  3. Past Historical Layers? Left talk for poor, poor mistreated non-white woman, that must have been mistreated by every white person on her way into the U.S.! Yeah Right!


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