Shocking Video: Illegal Alien Minors Loaded On Planes To Be Given To Random Strangers

(Republican Insider) – A shocking new video that’s hitting the internet reveals loads of underage illegal aliens being delivered to random strangers who have signed up online to take them into their homes and provide housing for them.

According to a report coming out of Infowars, the exclusive footage (watch here) shows the minors from various countries, some of them as young as 12, being taken on board airplanes where they are then shipped off to volunteers who they have no previous connection to.

One of the groups that is responsible for helping these minors connect to the strangers who have volunteered to take them in is known as Southwest Key Programs. Organizations like this refer to this as the “reunification process,” but how can someone be reunited with a person they have never met?

And just how dangerous is this? How do the folks running this program know for sure the children will be safe? They could be sending them to live with child molesters or abusers. Those kinds of things can easily slip through background checks, especially if the individual has never been caught.

Folks, this should tell you just how little the radical left actually cares about the surge of unaccompanied minors who are coming into this country right now thanks to the failed immigration policies of President Joe Biden.

Sending these kids off to live with strangers they’ve never met? It’s a horrible idea on many, many different levels. The person who thought of this should never be trusted to care for children in any capacity.

We all know liberals are just using these illegal aliens as political pawns. To them, these aren’t children. They are future Democratic Party voters. Bargaining chips. To them, they are nothing more than a means to an end.

And yet, for whatever reason, the illegals who keep sending their children over the border continue to play into the obvious trap set for them by the Democratic Party, taking the bait hook, line, and sinker. When combatting this nonsense, it’s not enough to just take the legal fight to the Democratic Party.

No, we must seek to open the eyes of those who are being taken advantage of so they will stop the human trafficking. That’s the only way to shut this whole thing down.

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  1. What gives these people the right to mix and match children with unfettered households? What do the households get in return? Is this part of the federal employee program where they are given 4 months off to take in an illegal child? This appears to be fishy, but everyone this administration does smells bad to me.

  2. WE THE PEOPLE: Write your Governor, write your State Senator, write your State Representative, write your Major, write your U.S. Senators, write your U.S. representative.
    Who benefits from Foreign Nationals arriving in the United States without sponsors? Think about the MONEY, needed to feed ($36,000), house ($36,000) educates ($100,000), train ($30,000), and apply health care ($50,000) to one child over a 10-to-12-year span. One child will cost $252,000 x 30,000 children in 4 months equals $30,240,000,000. Can the United States afford this cost three times in one year? Turning over a 15-year-old boy/girl to a stranger with little or no follow up from “official” sources sounds bizarre. Who will be the loser? The family that takes in a member of a MS16 gang or the child when SEX is demanded daily. The language barrier is enormous for the first six months which will lead to fights, ABUSE, and many “runner away” children. Who can or will be BLACKMAIL with the result of this large number of 3-year old’s, 10-year old’s, 15 years old children being handed off to strangers? Who will win in this fight?


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