SHOCKING VIDEO: Mexican Cartels Caught Operating In Plain Sight On US Border Following Biden’s Insane Open Border Policies

(Republican Insider) – Make no mistake about it, there’s a major crisis going on right now along our southern border. Waves of illegal immigrants are flooding into the country every single day, overwhelming border towns and bringing COVID with them but it’s so much worse than that.

Dangerous cartels are running massive operations smuggling humans and drugs into the country now that Joe Biden has opened the US open and essentially invited them to come without fear of consequence.

At least 100,000 migrants made it across the border during the month of February alone. How many of these migrants were kidnapped by the cartel and are now facing a life of slavery in sex trafficking or drug smuggling?

One has to wonder if Joe Biden isn’t working directly for the cartels himself.

Ben Bergquam, of Real America’s Voice, went to investigate what was going on along the southern border and what he saw is shocking. Don’t expect to see this coverage on any of the mainstream media outlets. They’re too busy promoting “diversity” and “inclusion” as strengths.

Bergquam’s footage was shown on Tuesday’s episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room. The footage shows cartels operating along the border freely in broad daylight with no concern whatsoever for border patrol or any US authorities.

In the video, lookouts can be seen in various positions along the wall looking for the best way to get over it and enter the US illegally. Bergquam also witnessed scouts in the buildings around the area.

What’s most shocking, however, is that Bergquam points out that this particular area is double-walled but then he shows that the second wall’s massive gate has been left wide open.

Biden and his fraudulent regime have truly signaled to the cartels that the US is open for business, whatever business they so choose to conduct.

This is absolutely shocking and extremely disturbing and, as Bergquam pointed out, it’s all being funded by the American taxpayers, which he called “the most sickening part.”

“It is funded by America,” he said. “NGOs are training people how to break into our country.” Even US House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has acknowledged this awful reality.

“We’re funding this,” Gaetz has said. He also pointed to the non-governmental organizations that are helping facilitate traffic and illegal migration. Gaetz said these NGOs “are going to do very well in the covid relief bill.”

Americans are being forced to fund our own demise.

“This is a battle for the future of our country,” Bergquam said. “And Democrats, Joe Biden, and the left are aiding and abetting the enemy.”

Bergquam blasted the entire Washington establishment and argued that they’re all in cahoots on “the crime of our generation.”

“It is being funded by our government and by the left in this country…and even some Republicans who like the cheap labor,” he said. “It’s all connected.”

The American people have completely lost control of the government that is supposed to be for the people and by the people.

After the Democrats stole the election from us, they’re fast-tracking America’s demise and there doesn’t seem to be a darn thing we can do about it.

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  1. Treason is the game Washington D.C.’s swamp people are playing with U.S. taxpayers money. In the final analysis ‘We the people’ will have to stop them. The tyranny from D.C. is now out of control, what an absolute shame. It is now incumbent upon the people to bring a halt to the insurgency playing out from Obama/Biden/Pelosi and the DNC.


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