Sidney Powell: America Is Now A ‘Communist Regime’

(Republican Insider) – One of the main attorneys who fought hard to have evidence of voter fraud from the 2020 election reviewed and examined by the courts — and unfortunately failed — had some rather harsh things to state on the state of our nation under the leadership of President Joe Biden.

According to Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor, said America is now a communist regime. And a lot of conservatives would absolutely agree with that sentiment, especially with radical liberals having complete control over both houses of Congress and the White House.

A new report from WND says that Powell recently conducted an interview with The Talk of Pittsburgh radio, specifically the Rose Unplugged show.

“The world is absolutely upside down because this country is upside down,” the former federal attorney charged. “They’re feeding lies to the American people very single day. Just the fact that they’re saying Biden is president is a lie because we’ve still got to resolve the election issue.”

“While the allegations of deception and mishandling of ballots never got reviewed – most judges dismissed the cases on technicalities – what is not in question is that in multiple states where Biden narrowly was the winner state officials changed state laws to accommodate some ballots,” WND said in their report.

The hard part of all this is that the Constitution requires all state lawmakers to exercise control over those variables.

“We are living under a Communist totalitarian regime. If the voting machine companies had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be hiding anything,” Powell said.

She then went on to make the allegation that there were millions of fraudulent votes for then-candidate Joe Biden in 2020 and even after her legal suits concerning the election were shot down and she still continues to believe a fraudulent election is to blame for giving us Donald Trump.

During an interview with Erskine Radio, Powell said there’s “more than enough evidence in the public now to more than reverse the election in at least five states.”

“There’s all kind of precedent for fixing what happened in this election from Bush vs. Gore to other cases as well,” Powell went on to say.

Powell then stated that the existence of “fractionalized votes” which were weighted in Joe Biden, which were made by a computer algorithm, can be proved to exist in many different counties. It could also be proved across the country, Powell noted, saying “if anybody would issue an order allowing inspection of the machines.”

The former federal attorney also noted that federal law says election records have to be kept for 22 months.

“In this case it requires forensic evaluations of the machines and looking at all of the paper ballots. We already know that’s not going to match up,” Powell stated. “There were counterfeit ballots. People were saying, ‘Oh, well they did a full audit in Georgia.’ Well, if you just keep running the same counterfeit bill through the same counting machine you’re going to get the same result.”

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