Steve Bannon Goes Off After FBI Director Wray Lies Under Oath On Agency’s Coronavirus Investigation

(Republican Insider) – On Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared before Congress and outright lied to the American people about what he knew in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak. Wray avoided discussing specifics about the FBI’s investigation of the possibility that the virus was made in and escaped from a Wuhan lab, when he was questioned by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Despite avoiding any specific details, Wray did say that the FBI is doing a “deeper dive” into the theory.

Gaetz was particularly interested in questioning Wray on the FBI’s interactions with Chinese virologist Doctor Li-Meng Yan, who defected to the West last year and turned her cell phone over to the agency upon doing so.

Yan is a whistleblower who’s spoken publicly, including to Fox News, on the coronavirus and the alleged cover-up of the virus’ origins by the Chinese government.

Throughout Wray’s interaction with Gaetz at the hearing, Wray was continually evasive and refused to discuss anything “specific” about the “investigation.”

Wray attempted to deflect Gaetz’s questions by saying that, “There are differences of view within the intelligence community about the origins of the coronavirus and we’re taking a deeper dive on that subject.”

Gaetz, not being satisfied with that answer, said, “We are unable to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable if we throw our hands in the air and say ‘Oh there’s differences of opinion.'”

“We have to assess whether those differences are similarly rooted in facts,” Gaetz added. “That’s why I need the facts from you.”

Wray was unwilling to give any kinds of facts, however, and as the Biden regime is really not looking to hold China accountable or give the American people the truth and the answers we all deserve after over a year of the COVID charade.

The theory that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab, possibly intentionally on the part of the Chinese Communist Party, has been gaining significant steam in the past several months with even mainstream personalities like the former CDC Director Robert Redfield telling CNN earlier this year that he believes that is where the virus came from.

Chris Wray is a shameful disgrace to the US for essentially stonewalling Congress and protecting China.

Steve Bannon exploded on his War Room podcast after airing Wray’s testimony and exchange with Matt Gaetz.

“Guess what Chris Wray? You can lie. You can spin. You can do everything like that, but guess what? I know. What did you tell people? What did you tell the (COVID) task force? And you sit there today with the gall, “Oh, I got an investigation. Can’t talk about it.” Well, answer sir to the dead! Why don’t you answer to the 600,000!”

Wray and Dr. Fauci both need to answer to the hundreds of thousands of dead Americans whose lives could have been saved if only these two lying scumbags actually cared about America more than the globalist agenda they’ve sworn allegiance to.

When the truth finally does come out, don’t expect it to come from Chris Wray, the FBI or anyone connected to the Obama Deep State. These people are too far gone and they’ve long been traitors to America.

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  1. That lying SOB. Needs to stick the 5 cent talking points up his arse, and just tell the unless he has forgotten how. More than likely the latter

  2. He is lying because if they throw China under the bus the American people would find out that the DEMS were involved in another attempt
    to get rid of TRUMP. Think China is going to accept all responsibility

  3. President Trump should have fired him right after Commie! As soon as he saw Wray wasn’t who he first appeared to be! Wray is just another deep state player!

  4. There’s only one way to cure the disease that encompasses DC. Most patriots know what that is. They also know that it is the only way….


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