Steven Crowder Recreates Death Of George Floyd To Test ‘Knee On Neck’ Theory

(Republican Insider) – Comedian Steven Crowder is a major voice in the conservative movement, proving that a person can be a pro-family, pro-God, pro-gun, pro-traditional values kind of guy and still be incredibly funny. While being funny seems to come naturally to Crowder, don’t let that put you off. The man is also a deep thinker and very good at sharing the truth behind our values in a relevant way to his audience.

He’s also not afraid of a little controversy either, as his latest video will make abundantly clear.

According to Infowars, Crowder recently reenacted the death of George Floyd in order to test the prosecution’s theory that a knee placed on the man’s back by local Minneapolis law enforcement officer Derek Chauvin, caused his death.

The prosecution’s case in the current murder trial against Chauvin is hinging on them being able to prove that the knee on his neck was placed on him with enough force to cause asphyxiation.

Crowder tested this theory, for the second time, on his show Wednesday, having his producer kneel on his neck for nine minutes on concrete instead of carpet.

“I don’t want to do this, but again the point is: the drugs, the agitation, the actively-resisting arrest, the three-and-a-half times of lethal fentanyl, matters,” Crowder went on to explain. “I don’t expect this to be pleasant, but I think people need to see what it’s like with the closest to controlled conditions that we can recreate, as far as body mass, weight, situation, to see what it actually might be like if someone is not in an agitated, significantly overdosed state,” the comedian said.

A man who was dressed as an officer and weighed around 195 pounds, which is important as it matches the weight of Chauvin while wearing his equipment, handcuffed Crowder then kneeled on his neck.

By the end of the video, the person playing the role of the police officer has his full body weight on Crowder, with both knees on his back and neck. The host survived the ordeal, which just goes to prove his point. There was more to the death of Floyd than just a police officer using heavy weighted force.

Crowder then returns to the studio where he summed up the findings of his little experiment, which essentially amounted to reiterating that a man kneeling on the neck of another person of moderate health would not be enough to actually kill that person.

If you listen closely, you can hear liberal heads exploding all over the country.

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  1. The whole truth is, if George Floyd had just gotten into the police car, as he was told to do, he would be alive today!! Running and fighting is not the correct response to authority, I don’t care who you are!!

  2. It is a shame the defense attorneys don’t have the chutzpah or intelligence to make this telling demonstration in front of the jury.

  3. The Socialist Democrats, BLM & Antifa will NEVER accept the Truth, the Facts. These hypocrites want this man found guilty & sentenced to Life or put Death. Nothing else will do or they will Riot, Loot & Burn this City along with a Cop Killing Spree. It’s ALL LIES & RADICAL RACIST BULLSHIT.


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