Yes, The 2020 Election Was Stolen And The Shocking Evidence Is Already Public – See It Here

(Republican Insider) – Every day, more and more evidence is coming to light proving the 2020 US presidential election was stolen.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of the War Room, Owen Shroyer pointed out that what Mark Zuckerburg was doing prior to the election was essentially canvassing major Democratic strongholds to get an idea of the margins and advantages held by Joe Biden.

He was doing this for the sole purpose of ensuring the schemes to double and triple count ballots in these areas would push Biden’s advantage far enough for him to actually get the win.

It seems that scheme paid off in several counties around the US and has just recently been exposed in Fulton County, Georgia.

Also on Tuesday’s episode of War Room, Shroyer showed a video that was posted online by Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington that shows undeniable proof of ballots being double-counted in Fulton County.

The left cannot possibly deny what that video proves. Ballots that are clearly identical were being counted as separate ballots therefore being double or triple counted in favor of Joe Biden.

Despite the fact that the radical Democrats in Congress and their media lapdog sycophants have insisted there has been “no evidence” of fraud, it appears that there, in fact, is.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik pointed this out in a Twitter post in which he also shared the video of the double-counted ballots.

“Ladies and gentlemen, and to the mainstream media, this is called evidence! Evidence that @BrianKempGA and @GaSecofState ignored as they certified the 2020 election taking the win away from President Donald Trump.”

This is clear and undeniable evidence that there was a concerted effort in Fulton County, Georgia to steal the election from the American people and from President Trump.

Before you think that maybe these were just honest mistakes, Harrington also provided proof that audit tally sheets were fabricated as well.

President Trump issued a statement in regards to the audit revelations out of Fulton County, on Wednesday, saying, “The news out of Georgia is beyond incredible. The hand recount in Fulton County was a total fraud! They stuffed the ballot box–and got caught.”

He further contended that we will lose America if nothing is done about this criminal activity and subversion of our democratic processes. He noted that the Fulton County hand recount was off by 60%.

To wrap up his statement he asked if Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr will finally make a move and wondered how Georgia Governor Brian Kemp allowed this fraud to happen in the first place.

“This is corruption at the highest level,” he asserted. “Our nation is at stake!”

Trump also pointed out that many batches of absentee ballots had been incorrectly tallied as 100-0 in Biden’s favor when in reality the batches initially had more realistic numbers like 78-22, for example, in Biden’s favor.

Will the lying mainstream media finally admit that there was, in fact, fraud in the 2020 election and that the audits are necessary? Don’t hold your breath. It does, however, feel good to finally see the evidence millions of us knew was out there all along.

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  1. I want to see mark zuckerburg taken out in handcuffs ! He is a traitor to the American people . I don’t care how powerful he thinks he is he must pay for his treacherous crime .

  2. I want those associated with the double, triple ballot counts and false tally sheets to be in jail right next to Zuckerbutt…!

  3. The whole Democratic Party needs to be charged with Crimes against the American people and put in prison for life or at least 50 years. Pelosi and her cohorts for life as well as the Biden family and Kamala Harris!!! It’s time to take back America!!!

  4. Let’s start with Biden , He bragged that he had put a scheme together to steal the election, then work our way down to the boots on the ground and have them tried for treason

  5. So what is going to happen next now that it has been proven that the democrats stole the election? Will puppet biden be in the white house for a full four years or will the man who really won the election be returned to the white house. A crime of theft should never be rewarded and a correction is very much needed. The American people love their Republic and do not want to live under socialism/communism.

  6. For Lorraine E Blazich, I have a question: Do you want to have as a President a narcissist who wants to be a Dictator, who will have you follow orders blindly? (If your bank account has at least 10 digits to the left of the decimal point, under the Dictator, well, the laws won’t apply to you…you can do any ol’ thing you want, up to and including murder, provided it’s not of the Dictator.) We do not have that with Joseph R. Biden as President. We almost certainly will have that under Donald J. Trump…oh, don’t think you can use your guns to temper any dictatorial ambitions…Trump will be coming for those. AFA 2020, I voted for Biden. Are you claiming my vote was an illegitimate vote?

    • Trump did what was best for the american people and not what was best for Donald Trump! All it takes is for you to do a little research. I could list them for you but then it still wouldn’t matter to you MG

    • Your vote legitimate but your actions on word about trump taking away 1 & 2 amendment rights of people total lie dude! That what BIDENS IS DOING NOW MORON! Evidence just showed my media spoke woman that they told big tech to censor posts, further more evidence shows that big tech been doing such during election times which violates section 230 of common freedom communication act. Big tech is not supposed to be sided with one side or the other on political or religious matters but stay neutral as stated by that law. Instead they violated it multiple times and your words of actions only further the cause for communism. that’s racist and traitorous to our nation but if not then what is huh…. Trump may be a thick headed loud mouth; but he got things done for American people. Not backstabbing them and siding with those that history has proven for generations; that communism and socialism are enemies to this nation freedoms and what we represent. Democratic Party has for generations denied equality and equal rights to people. They started the KKK CLAN, they started the civil war, they started the racist diversion, etc… state all you want about how Biden fixing things dude, it’s nothing but lies and one-sided opinion, vs actual facts and history knowledge.

    • Wow, I mean really?!!!! How stupid cansomeone be? DJT never did anything of what you claim. Either you are a indoctrinated youth (that includes in your 20s BTW), or just a staunch Dem who is vomiting out the rhetoric you heard on MSM! Lord, help you, and above all our country!!!!

  7. Those tyrants need to be tried, and when found guilty, given a choise of firing squad, or hung by the neck until dead, it’s only proper and legal. Nothing less, that will stop this game playing!

  8. They need to discover who all was responsible for the election fraud and bring them to justice. The real insurrection was the election fraud.

  9. There are a bunch of great comments about this voter fraud by the democrats and that is what it will take to get the election audits done and prosecute those who devised this scheme. The videos of the two Republican ads that ran in Texas is also what we need in many other states but the comments from “we the people” will go a long way to help support our republican reps who speak out. We all know the dems are scared to death that their voter fraud scheme is slowly being uncovered and so they are doing everything they can to distract us from the ballot audits! We cannot be stopped if we continue to use our voices and our comments!


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