The Election Results From Colorado Make No Sense — How Could Biden Get Half A Million More Votes Than Obama, Hillary, Or Trump?

(Republican Insider) – The election results from the state of Colorado are very, very strange. Despite what you might be hearing from left-wing propaganda producers in the mainstream media, there are a lot of unanswered questions concerning the votes in this state just as much as in Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

As so eloquently stated by Gateway Pundit, it’s rather hard to believe that Joe Biden actually managed to pull in 460,000 more ballots than former President Barack Obama did back in 2012 or Hillary during the 2016 presidential election, or 430,000 more votes than Trump did in 2020. That’s nonsense of the highest order.

The people over at GP actually reported on the strange and suspect results in Colorado nine days ago. Not long after, a person who claims to be a “strong conservative and very proud Republican” challenged the findings in the report in a number of emails sent out to individuals in the state. Apparently, this person never reached out to GP directly but did reach out to others in messages that disparaged the reporting of the site.

One person who received an email actually sent it over to GP for them to look at and respond to.

“Many of you may not know me. My name is Matt Crane and I am the former Clerk and Recorder in Arapahoe County. I am a strong conservative and a very proud republican. I thought I might provide some pushback on the post below. One quick look at the actual data from Colorado over the last 12 years disproves much of what is claimed in this post and should call into question the methodology and credibility of the author of this post,” the email starts off.

“A few claims from this post to correct: • CLAIM – Colorado reportedly had a record-setting turnout of 85%. ACTUAL FACT – This claim is untrue. In 2012, the turnout was approximately 88% of active voters,” it continues.

GP actually posted a link that supports an article that Crane doesn’t seem to have reviewed. The article, published on November 4th, says, “More than 3.2 million ballots have been collected so far, for a turnout rate of about 85 percent. Once every vote is tallied, Colorado could end up with the highest turnout in the country.”

They also included information in their post from this article that reads, “Votes are still being counted nationwide (and in Colorado), but the Centennial State has already set a new record for voter turnout. As of this afternoon, 3,276,575 ballots have been returned—a turnout rate of 85 percent of active voters—and about 400,000 more than the 2016 election, according to data from Magellan Strategies.”

“CLAIM – Voter turnout for Presidential elections is usually closer to 50-55%, which puts Colorado’s results into question. ACTUAL FACT – This claim is untrue. The average ACTIVE voter turnout in Colorado Presidential Elections since 2008 has been approximately 86%. Even if we account for TOTAL registration, (active and inactive voters), the average turnout in Colorado since 2008 has been approximately 71%. There was NOTHING unusual about the 2020 turnout,” Crane said in the email.

The GP post provided plenty of evidence of the national average turnout of around 50 to 55 percent. The numbers in the state of Colorado are way, way above the national average. This is something that any beginner auditor would pick up on right away.

“Mr. Crane provides historical results of the state’s turnout. He ignores the comparison to other states and fails to mention the unique characteristic about Colorado – that the entire state has mail-in voting since 2013, for example. Of course Colorado’s numbers are questionable when compared to the rest of the nation. Mr. Crane ignores this,” GP says in response to the claim.

“CLAIM – By cross multiplying we can determine that the number of eligible voters in 2016 was around 3.6 million to 3.7 million in 2020. So, there basically was an increase in voters in Colorado between 2016 and 2020 of 100,000 to 150,000 individuals…Somehow with an increase in voters and population of less than 200,000 since 2016, Joe Biden attracted 460,000 more (38%) votes than Obama or Hillary did in prior elections. ACTUAL FACT – The actual data explains the increase in votes for Biden. The number of ACTIVE voters in Colorado between 2016 and 2020 increased by approximately 520,000 voters. This is actually a slightly smaller increase in the number of active voters in Colorado seen between 2012 and 2016 (approximately 524,000),” the email reads.

“This information is readily available on the Secretary of State’s website. This is due in part to population increase, as well as inactive voters reactivating their voter registration. During the same time period (2016 – 2020), statewide republican voter registration went from 1,031,512 (2016) to 1,028,239 (2020), a NET LOSS of 3,273 voters.”

“The Democrats went from 1,040,948 (2016) to 1,129,733 (2020), a NET GAIN of 88,785. Unaffiliated voters went from 1,140,909 (2016) to 1,541,199 (2020), a NET GAIN of 400,290. To further illustrate my point, in 2008, republicans made up 35.15% of the voter registration in Colorado. In 2020, republicans fell to 27.29% of the voter registrations,” Crane states.

“Finally, in 2008, Obama received 53.5% of the vote in Colorado. In 2020, Biden received 55.14%. During that 12 year period, the number of ACTIVE voters in Colorado increased by well over 1,100,000 million. Considering the change in the political climate here in Colorado over that time, a 1.64% increase in votes for the democratic candidate is not unreasonable at all. Some may be surprised that the increase isn’t greater than that,” Crane continues on.

However, it seems that Crane is tap dancing around the issue and doesn’t really do much to actually address it. The strangeness here is that the increase in eligible voters between 2016 and 2020 in the state is 485,000, and to assume that Biden won almost every single one of those votes is absolutely unreasonable.

That would mean that Joe Biden beat Hillary Clinton by 460,000 votes which is almost every new vote since 2016. President Trump himself actually surpassed both Obama and Clinton in votes, but due to the fact that Biden somehow managed to pick up all the new votes he defeated Trump by 430,000 votes. Something just doesn’t add up here. That should be obvious to see.

The state’s population increased by only 200,000 during the four years Trump was in office, but the number of active voters increased by 485,000? How does that make sense?

Crane concludes his email by saying, “Colorado’s numbers for Biden make no sense, they don’t add up, there is something going on with these nearly impossible results. Actual Fact – When using real and accurate data in an honest way, the do make sense. This post is either an example of someone who doesn’t understand the actual Colorado data or someone who is actively trying to mislead people into believing something that is not true. Neither explanation is good. I am as devastated by the results of the 2020 Election as all of you are. However, we must resist the urge to go down these rabbit holes full of disinformation that are easily disproved. There is much we can do to improve the integrity of our elections, here in Colorado and across the country. But believing disinformation that is absolutely untrue hurts our credibility and our ability to impact the change where it is truly needed. If you seek more information about Colorado election data and operations, please contact your Clerk and Recorder. We have amazing clerks in this state who fight daily for accurate and secure elections. They should be your first trusted source for accurate election information, not bloggers who may be making money on clicks.”

Crane should have made sure to reach out to the folks at GP and engaged in a dialogue with them if he believed what they were reporting was somehow erroneous. We all need to help keep one another in check and ensure the information we pass on to each other is accurate. Otherwise, we do indeed destroy our credibility and essentially become obsolete.

However, this cannot be done if we aren’t all willing to be professional and courteous with one another. If this individual had taken the time to engage with GP properly, things probably would have been cleared up without incident. As of now, this man has now made himself suspect as a member of the GOP establishment looking to erase Trump’s influence on the GOP.

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  1. We know Dominion machine vote tallies were changed in Antrim county MI, and also in New Hampshire. All in favor of Biden. I think Dominion was used in Colorado. If it happened in two states, who’s to say it didn’t happen in every state?

  2. We can see that this is phenomenal way to keep scum bag lawyers working. I trust used car salesmen more then that group out of the ABA.


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