The UK’s Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells After Supposed “Tell-All” Book Fails To Tell All

(Republican Insider) – Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden should have been a big reason for Joe Biden to lose the 2020 election. Of course, we all know he did, in fact, lose the election. Hunter serves as just another reminder of this.

This guy is an absolute train wreck and shockingly the mainstream media is perfectly content protecting him and running defense for him. It’s absolutely astounding.

If one of President Trump’s sons behaved in the way that Hunter Biden behaves and had the kind of past Hunter Biden has, it would have been all over the news, everyday for the entire duration of Trump’s presidency.

Hunter’s dad, however, is the radical left’s compliant little puppet and therefore Hunter gets immunity from media scrutiny.

The truth is, nonetheless, being revealed regularly. Hunter Biden is desperately trying to revamp his public image and the media is more than happy to give him a helping hand.

Between a new “tell all” book and television interviews with friendly media outlets designed to create empathy for Hunter over his drug and hooker habits, one would almost think Hunter was merely some kind of victim.

The Daily Mail, however, isn’t holding back any of the troubling and disturbing details regarding the contents of Hunter’s abandoned laptop after Hunter admitted it “certainly” could belong to him during a Sunday interview with CBS.

Forensic experts have determined that the laptop is Hunter’s and that makes the contents even more relevant and disturbing.

The laptop contains countless inappropriate pictures featuring Hunter’s privates, prostitutes and drug use. Exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui has also released to the world several truly horrifying sex tapes starring Hunter and hookers.

The Daily Mail obtained a copy of the hard drive and then tasked top cyber forensics experts Maryman & Associates to analyze its data and make a determination on whether or not the contents were real or just part of some kind of “Russian disinformation” or smear campaign.

According to the Daily Mail, the founder of Maryman & Associates is a 29-year-old FBI veteran who founded its first computer forensics lab.

Maryman & Associates from the contents of the laptop to belong to Hunter Biden.

Of the contents on the laptop, there were over 100,000 text messages, 154,000 emails and over 2,000 pictures. All of this data has been confirmed to be Hunter’s by Maryman & Associates.

Further, the fact that the contents truly are Hunter’s also reveals that Hunter’s father Joe Biden served as a sort of punching bag for Hunter during drug-induced rants. It also shows that Joe Biden paid his grandchildren’s bills when Hunter drained his bank accounts for prostitutes and crack.

Along with his crack addiction, Hunter was also addicted to making amateur porn videos and pictures with prostitutes. His laptop also features endless naked selfies, hundreds of pictures of naked women and dozens of videos.

Hunter even shared his disgusting videos, usually featuring two prostitutes at a time, with the world via the adult website Pornhub under the username “RHEast.”

The Daily Mail has promised to release even more Hunter laptop drops in the coming days including proof that Hunter blew hundreds of thousands of dollars on prostitutes, drugs and luxury cars.

The drops will also show the world that five members of the Biden family have been to rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, including crack cocaine.

The Daily Mail also promises to reveal Hunter’s unconventional and unlikely relationship with his well-known psychiatrist. They also plan to release a hushed conversation caught on Hunter’s webcam with a prostitute in which he shares that he had a previous laptop stolen by Russians for blackmail.

The laptop also reveals the twisted and complicated relationship between Hunter and his father Joe Biden.

On top of all of that, there’s the little incident involving Hunter Biden, a handgun, and inappropriate Secret Service involvement which seems to have escaped being included in the tell all book or any interviews…

Hunter Biden is an absolute mess. The best thing for him to do would be to just give up on his image makeover and check himself into a rehabilitation facility for a long, long time.

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  1. The big question is what laws did he break and is there enough evidence to prosecute him for those possibly illegal activities. In investigating him, they need to follow the money. The investigators need to determine why he was paid certain amounts of money. Did any of that money end up in his father’s bank account? Was income appropriately reported and applicable taxes paid? I would assume that those paying him money expected to get something in return.


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