The White House Is Seething Over One Particular Twitter Account

(Republican Insider) – Democrats are having an all-out meltdown over the Republican National Committee’s Twitter account which informs the American people of current events minus the left’s desperate propaganda.

Politico is so bent out of shape over the Twitter account they wrote an entire article trashing it and attempting to paint the account as pushing misinformation and unnecessarily slandering Joe Biden, who suffers from obvious dementia and is a walking puppet for the radical left.

According to Politico writer Alex Thompson, @RNCResearch is led by conservatives who “deliberately took a page from the Trump war room when charting out how they wanted to attack President Joe Biden at the start of his term last year: Flood the zone and bully opponents.”

If that doesn’t sound like projection, nothing does. It’s always entertaining when leftists accuse others of doing the very things they are guilty of. The article doesn’t get any better or less obnoxious.

The author writes, “The RNC says its account has played a role in knocking Biden down multiple pegs.” The reality is, Joe Biden is the only one responsible for the debacle that has become his so-called “presidency.”

He’s become a true embarrassment both at home and abroad and there’s no one to pin that on besides Biden himself. It doesn’t help that the Democratic Party and the sycophantic media turn a blind eye to the myriad of crises he’s caused and his seemingly endless health issues.

Thompson claims that the accusations and “smears” made by the RNC account have backfired causing the RNC to be “hit by the arrows it tried to sling.”

The examples he provides are comical.

He claims that the RNC showed a video of Biden struggling to put on his jacket and claimed this was just “innocuous” and “trivial” but it clearly highlights just how weak, elderly and incompetent Biden is. A concern every American should share.

The RNC has routinely highlighted Biden’s weaknesses, which are numerous. The Twitter account shared a clip of Biden asking Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear for permission to speak, proving just how much of a pushover the so-called president is. Thompson, however, insists it was Biden simply being “polite.”

Thompson went on to further defend Biden and his countless blunders. He criticized the RNC for pointing out that Biden said during a climate change speech that he has cancer. Biden really did say that and instead of focusing on the fact that Biden clearly suffers from cognitive decline, leftist shills like Thompson and the Washington Post’s “fact checker” Glenn Kessler are hyper-obsessed with downplaying Biden’s mental issues and making Republicans out to be viciously attempting to smear him needlessly.

Thompson said Kessler called the RNC’s tweet regarding Biden saying he has cancer “dumb” since Biden’s medical report has long shown he has had non-melanoma skin cancers removed before taking over the White House.

Then maybe the real issue is Biden stating he has cancer rather than the people who simply report that he said it.

It’s incredible that there are Americans who can actually take people like Thompson and Kessler seriously when we can see the mountain of issues regarding Biden and his regime for ourselves with our very own eyes.

The RNC is most definitely not attempting to smear Joe Biden. He causes problems all on his own. Nonetheless, Thompson claims that between his publication, PolitiFact, CNN and WaPo, around a “dozen fact-checks of the account” have found “claims wrong or misleading.”

Right, the RNC is the problem. Not the inept, incompetent, mentally failing “president.” This is why nobody trusts the mainstream media any longer. Thompson’s article is nothing more than leftist propaganda.

RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn pointed out that the White House and Democrats clearly have misplaced priorities.

“If only the Biden White House and Democrats were focused on real issues instead of spending their day whining about an RNC Twitter account,” she said, adding, “Do your jobs.”

When Republicans finally decide to go on the offense, the left just can’t handle it. It’s really quite pathetic.

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  1. These are Joe’s policies that have plummeted his ratings into a swirling toilet so Joe needs to take responsibility for them. He needs to look in the mirror and then he’ll find out who to blame for how “we the people” view what he’s done to this country which is in essence, “we the people”. If he doesn’t like where he’s at in his current polling, he has two ways to fix it. Change his policies or change the wizards behind the curtain who tell him what his policies are. He can complain until the cows come home, but his whining will only get him more cheese for that whine. My last response is if Joe was standing close enough for him to hear, I would say, “Mr. President, with a president like you, who needs a tyrant as as their ruler”.

    • I would not give him the respect of addressing him as “Mr. President,” since we did NOT elect him, and he is an illegitimate USURPER. You will NEVER convince me this senile HUSK of a man got 81 MILLION votes–more even than Obama or Trump? PLEASE.

      • Agree 100%. If Joe legitimately received the majority of votes, the Dems should willingly open up the voting machines for forensic investigation. But we all know the corruption is there, and all through the DOJ courts as well. Nicely documented in “10,000 mules” with no credible response from the Marxist Dems.


  2. I never voted for him. I would hope after the people have seen what he and the other democrats have done to our country, they wouldn’t vote for a democrat ever again, but, They voted For some that seem worse off than Biden, he should know putting another man in that has mental problems will not make you look better!


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