This Graph May Be The Most Damaging For Biden’s Reelection

(Republican Insider) – President Joe Biden must really not want to serve a second term in the Oval Office. If he actually desired to win, surely he’d pay attention to the things the people he is supposed to govern are saying about his policies and how negatively they are impacting their daily lives, right?

He seems to be doing the exact opposite, putting in place policies for his “Bidenomics” plan that push inflation higher and higher. This means the Federal Reserve can’t lower interest rates, is printing money like crazy, and thus causing the cost of basic goods and services to hit such a level that people are spending twice what they used to at the store.

Because of this, the economy has become the top issue for the vast majority of American voters. That’s incredibly bad news for Biden. Many individuals who previously voted for him without hesitation are fleeing, swallowing their pride, and supporting former President Donald Trump, despite strongly disliking him.

What does the president say when folks point out how terrible he’s doing in the polls? Biden shrugs it off and just says the polls are wrong and that voters just don’t get what’s really going on. In other words, you and I are stupid, meanwhile he just utilizes the old “deny, deny, deny” strategy, which is what he did during a campaign event held last Saturday in Atlanta.

“Now the Wall Street Journal is out with a couple of graphs that former President Donald Trump should use in an ad because the view is stark and it just says so much. The graphs deal with household net worth: what it was under Trump, then what it is under Biden. And the killer part is the “adjusted for inflation” one,” RedState is reporting.

That’s bad. Real bad. Like put the final nail in the coffin of his reelection campaign kind of bad. And we’re still four months away from the election.

“The WSJ notes that the total household net worth rose 19 percent through Biden’s first three years in office, but it was higher, 23 percent, through Trump’s first three years. But the real kicker was after doing the adjustment, under Biden, net worth only goes up 0.7 percent through his three years versus 16 percent through Trump’s,” the report continued.

“So under Biden, factoring in inflation, it was basically flat. This explains why people are feeling crushed — because they are, whether Joe Biden admits it or not. You can see it still goes up for a bit after Biden comes in, still riding off Trump’s economy. But it levels out, and then takes a dive when the Bidenomics and inflation start kicking in,” it added.

The question that the article poses in light of this information is how a person in their right mind can possibly justify supporting Biden for a second term in office? For liberals out there, this is the reason you’ve started to see former President Donald Trump increasing his lead in the polls.

Americans remember how much better off they were when Trump was in office compared to how they are doing financially now under Biden’s leadership.

At the end of the day, Biden is sinking in the polls because he’s a horrible president and radical leftist policies do not work. This is a well established fact with a mountain of evidence to support it. Only those who are delusional will continue to toss support behind a losing horse.

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