TREASON: THE FRAUD WILL STAND — Supreme Court Rejects Sidney Powell’s Election Fraud Petitions Without Further Comment

(Republican Insider) – Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States once again refused to hear a lawsuit which would have challenged the outcome of the 2020 election, which former President Donald Trump and millions of his supporters still hotly contest.

It was believed that this was due to the fact that the case was considered moot, but in his dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas slammed the court for refusing to take it up as it nonetheless had hugely important implications for election integrity in general.

On Monday, the court also decided to not the hear remaining lawsuits from attorney Sidney Powell challenging the election in Arizona and Wisconsin.

The high court decided they will, however, take up a case that could place new limits on voter rights’ lawsuits.

The Gateway Pundit reports the case considers “Arizona restrictions on ballot collection and that penalizes voters who cast ballots in the wrong precinct.”

The court did not offer any explanation as to why they decided not to take up the case.

“Eight years after carving the heart out of a landmark voting rights law, the Supreme Court is looking at putting new limits on efforts to combat racial discrimination in voting,” Fox News reported.

“The justices are taking up a case about Arizona restrictions on ballot collection and another policy that penalizes voters who cast ballots in the wrong precinct,” the report adds.

This is all just code for the Democrats’ plan to loosen voter restrictions which they say, of course, is all done in the name of promoting voter rights for the people of color they say would be disproportionately affected by such voter restrictions.

A ruling from the SCOTUS in this case, Fox News says, would make it harder to fight their efforts in court.

“It would be taking away one of the big tools, in fact, the main tool we have left now, to protect voters against racial discrimination,” said Myrna Perez, director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s voting rights and elections program, according to the outlet.

The case will review an appeals court ruling against a 2016 Arizona law that places limits on who is able to return early ballots for others as well as a separate state policy requiring ballots that go to the wrong precinct to be discarded.

“The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the ballot-collection law and the state policy discriminate against minority voters in violation of the federal Voting Rights Act and that the law also violates the Constitution,” Fox noted.

This is the radical 9th Circuit, of course.

How will the SCOTUS rule on this one?

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  1. Where are our conservative Supreme court justices? This is unbelievable. So we no longer have a FBI, no DOJ and now no longer the SCOTUS. This is no longer the United States of America. Lets fire everyone of them and we will save a lot of money since they are not doing their job for which we are robbed for.

  2. supreme court worthless on meaningful questions without saying why. they seem to work for themselves and neglect the people.

  3. We can now add the Supreme Court as part of the Demonic Government. They could have at least listened to the Arguments before making a decision. Our Country has Fallen to the Devil and Evil. Please pray for God to intercede soon !

    • Perhaps God is already interceding by allowing the evil doers to be clearly seen. “Amazing Grace….I was blind but now I see”. Keep the faith!

  4. The state legislatures have to act before it’s too late, and it will require a constitutional amendment. They must act to rein in the over-reach of federal government into matters reserved for the states, and the power grab of the leftists in the federal government.

  5. This reminds me of a very interesting book that was written by Pat Choate. It tells a lot about what is going on in Washington D.C. The title of this book is: “Agents of Influence.” I think in would be a great benefit to everyone that is able to get and read it. The Mexican proverb says: “It’s not a Sin to tell the truth. But it makes somebody uncomfortable.” In this case it may make more than one body uncomfortable.

  6. Nice to know how much we cheered for Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Barrett…aNd now they have turned their backs on we, the people. Good thing they aren’t the ultimate judge.

  7. Barrett and Kavanaugh are a disgrace and neither has a backbone. See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. We are governed by idiots with evil minds.

  8. Pathetic how corrupt this country has become at the pleasure of billionaires like Soros, Buffet and Bloomberg. Now they control SCOTUS too!

  9. The Deep State is real and they own the FBI, the Pentagon, Big Tech, the DOJ, Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, and the MSM.

  10. AGAIN SUPREME COURT WON’T DO THERE JOB! Who was Bought out this time?! How much were they paid NOT TO DO THE RIGHT THING?! It’s time the Republicans fight for the people of this country! The people of this country should no longer put up with this and fight tooth and nail to bring back Democracy and truth and fairness to the United States Biden and the Democrats will Destroy this country to be a 3rd world nation which other countries won’t respect!!!!!

  11. We need to get every one one who think the election was redid to sign a pat-ion a send a message to the Supreme Court Sidney Powell get started the people need to speak

  12. I am a WE THE PEOPLE , I say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against our SCOTUS ,
    Most absurd thing I have heard in 64 years , NOT TO LOOK INTO THE ELECTION INTEGRITY , the most fundamental thing of our country , What is their job ? 100 million people plus want to know why you can not do your job!

    • Excellent Idea. I am on board with that. If they don’t even look at it and ignore the thousands of people that have signed Affidavits under penalty of punishment. We have lost the SCOTUS just like the FBI and DOJ. This no longer the USA that I so love.

  13. This is really sad. Corruption and apathy at the highest levels. Wars have been fought over lesser issues. It’s either that or leave it in the Hands of the Ultimate and Righteous Judge. May God have mercy on us all.


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