Twitter Subpoenaed In Georgia Lawsuit Involving Shady Fulton County Elections Supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss

(Republican Insider) – The events that took place at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, have caused a great deal of suspicion over the state’s final results and for good reason.

Just the News has just released an explosive report that was compiled in November by contracted election monitor Carter Jones who made note of the “massive” mismanagement and election integrity failures he witnessed firsthand.

As part of that report, he noted witnessing stacks of ballots being scanned multiple times by a few different people. Those people included Ruby Freeman, the mother of elections supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss.

Jones also reported there being confusion surrounding the State Farm Arena and whether or not counting had stopped considering the elections staff sent home all observers.

Jones asserted that even after observers were sent home and the counting had purportedly stopped, he kept receiving numbers updates.

That’s because those still left at the Arena did, in fact, continue the counting and it was during this time that workers began engaging in shenanigans that may have ultimately rigged the election for Joe Biden.

Wandrea Shaye Moss has been in hot water since and on Thursday, plaintiffs in a lawsuit involving Moss, Caroline Jeffords and Robbin Sotir subpoenaed Twitter for the production of documentary evidence on Moss.

Earlier this month, Moss was subpoenaed for a deposition in a civil trial in Fulton County. Of course, the trial is civil rather than criminal because the FBI is completely corrupt and has become a weapon for the Democratic Party.

The subpoena, however, was later delayed as Democrats continued to block and delay the investigations in Georgia and around the country.

If there was no fraud in the 2020 election and everything was completely aboveboard, why on earth are the Democrats hell-bent on stopping any and all efforts to prove it?

If Biden is the legitimate winner of the election then why all the panic? If he actually won 81 million votes won’t the audits and recounts prove that?

What would be better than having undeniable proof that their man was, in fact, the legitimate winner and that President Trump was promoting lies and “conspiracy theories?”

You would think Democrats wouldn’t waste a single second if they knew they could produce actual proof that President Trump had without a doubt lost.

They can’t do that, however, and they know it. That’s why they’re fighting so hard to stop all the efforts to uncover the truth and that’s why they’re defending shady characters like Wandrea Shaye Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman.

Democrats are desperate for Americans to just accept the fraudulent results and move along with their lives. They probably never expected millions of us to actually demand the truth and they certainly didn’t expect any Republicans to have backbone enough to take action.

We can thank President Trump for this new breed of American-loving Republicans. The future of this great country rests with them.

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  1. Thank you Republican Insider for saying what I have been commenting on for the last couple of months. Hopefully, with you guys printing your article, we will see some of the voter fraud that took place in the November election exposed and some people brought to justice. If we can see this happen then the dominos will begin to fall in state after state as it gets positively proven that there was major voter fraud committed. You are so right in this article when you say if there was no voter fraud committed then why are the dems sending out armies of lawyers to try and stop the investigations? The answer, of course, is obvious. The dems know for a fact that voter fraud on a large scale was committed and there was directions for doing it coming from some elite democrats. They are now very scared and throwing everything they can at the investigation to get it stopped before there are a few people involved that start talking about how it was set up. WAKE UP AMERICA AND KEEP THE DISCUSSIONS GOING UNTIL SOMEONE INVOLVED BREAKS THIS OPEN!

  2. If you really want to see some fraud, take a look at the ABSOLUTE videos on Mike Lindell’s website. So far, no one has been able to refute the claims and these videos have been available to the public for a couple of months now.


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