VIDEO BOMBSHELL: Journalists Detained At Gunpoint By Border Patrol For Filming Biden’s Open Border

(Republican Insider) – The Biden regime has been successful at one thing and that’s distracting the American people from all the troubles facing them. Everyone is busy “standing with Ukraine” to care about the on-going crisis on our southern border.

Suddenly, everyone has forgotten about the invasion of America now that Ukraine has been invaded.

If you’re not upset about the fact that our southern border is wide open and that the Biden regime is literally supporting the drug cartels of Southern and Central America, are you even an American?

The US claims we have a responsibility to defend freedom and democracy around the world and thus we have to get involved in the Russia-Ukraine ordeal, giving $14 billion in “relief aid” to Ukraine (which is NOT a democracy) and yet this fraudulent regime does NOTHING to defend freedom and democracy right here in the US.

Every single one of us should be enraged by the fact that US Customs and Border Patrol agents were caught detaining American journalists at gunpoint on the Arizona-Mexico border simply for filming illegal aliens freely crossing into our country thanks to Biden’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws and secure the southern border.

Real America’s Voice investigative journalist Ben Bergquam and his crew were detained by CBP at gunpoint on Friday while filming the network’s “Law and Border” program.

“I have been to this section of the border many times, both with law enforcement escorts and without, and have never had an encounter like this,” Bergquam said.

Footage shows that while numerous border agents were preoccupied harassing Bergquam and his crew, dozens of illegal aliens were crossing the U.S. border totally unimpeded.

“There are guys out there fully armed, guns out- while Washington DC is supporting the drug cartels. While our country is being invaded, there are 60 guys who are just standing around and they are worried about us,” Bergquam said as he and his team were being detained and questioned.

“While we have complete respect for law enforcement, we were stunned to be detained at gunpoint while illegal immigrants looked on right after crossing our southern border. This incident reveals the backwards priorities of our leaders in Washington, unfortunately, as the border crisis worsens by the day,” he added.

Real America’s Voice CEO Howard Diamond slammed the Biden regime for targeting journalists in a statement made Saturday. He also asserted that his company will not back down from its coverage of the southern border crisis.

“Such targeting of journalists has rarely ever happened in America,” said Diamond. “Though the Biden administration’s border agency’s detainment of our journalists greatly concerns us, we remain undaunted in our commitment to deliver consistent and fact-based news reporting on the crisis on the southern border while the rest of the media ignore it.”

This crisis has been going on for over a year now and started when the Biden regime fraudulently took over.

It hasn’t been in the news much as of late thanks to the media’s intentional efforts to distract us with problems around the world rather than the problems right here at home but that doesn’t mean that the crisis isn’t still going on.

As a matter of fact, it’s getting worse by the month. CBP data shows that in February, 164,973 illegal immigrants were encountered at the US Southern border. That’s the highest total number recorded in the history of the Department of Homeland Security.

America is being invaded. It’s time to stop standing with Ukraine and start standing for America.

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