Video: NYC Artist Arrested For Protesting Woke Soros DA

(Republican Insider) – According to a new report from Infowars, New York artist and political activist Scott LoBaido has allegedly been arrested after engaging in a protest outside the New York District Attorney’s office located in Manhattan.

Video footage that was posted up on LoBaido’s Instagram account shows him laying flyers on a blood-covered sidewalk located near the office of Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The artist’s protest apparently included a children’s jacket, bloody shoes, and a blood soaked NYPD officer’s hat to represent the city’s current spike in violent crime.

“This happens every day. Little kids slaughtered, shot in the face, people pushed on the fucking train subways, cops being killed. Because of this fucking guy,” the artist went on to say, pointing to Bragg’s office.

The activist then said, “He’s got blood on his hands, and so does the Governor. So does the president!”

In a different video concerning the protest, the activist stated, “11-month old girl shot in the face because of woke, criminal-loving district attorneys like Alvin Bragg.”

He then poured red paint on each of the items he brought to make his point, stating, “These are the shoes of the woman pushed in front of the train because of the criminals that run through this fucking city because of Alvin Briggs. This is the police cap, the hat of officer Rivero who is dead because the criminals run the streets because of district attorneys like Alvin Bragg.”

Want to know something that really makes Bragg look super sketchy and corrupt?

How about the fact he took a million dollars from infamous liberal billionaire George Soros when he was running for office?

“Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said earlier this month that Bragg is ‘handcuffing the police’ while George Soros ‘effectively destroys the criminal justice system in America,'” the report noted.

“A Harlem clothing store owner recently told the New York Post, ‘This is very bad for this neighborhood. Every day they come in with a knife and say give me something! It is a ridiculous area. If it gets worse I will have to close, my wife tells me,'” Infowars said.

As you can see, the spike in violent crime is really beginning to take a toll on the people of New York and they are done with it all. It is the job of these elected officials to ensure a safe living environment for the people they serve, and the district attorney is clearly failing in his duties.

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