WARNING! Woman Denied Life-Saving Procedure Due To Vaccine-Status Ruled Constitutional

(Republican Insider) – If you thought COVID craziness was finally behind us, think again. There are still people fighting for their ability to receive life-saving transplants who are being denied only on the basis of their unvaccinated status.

Things got even scarier up in Edmonton, Canada, when a court ruled that this practice is perfectly fine and even constitutional.

In 2018, Annette Lewis was diagnosed with “a chronic, progressive disease with no cure.” After years of waiting on an Edmonton-based transplant wait-list, she was abruptly removed for the sole reason of not being vaccinated against COVID-19.

On Tuesday, an Edmonton court supported that decision despite Lewis arguing that her rights were being violated. Justice Paul Belzil arrived at the conclusion that her rights had not been violated at all, according to CBC.

“I do not accept, however, that her beliefs and desire to protect her bodily integrity entitle her to impact the rights of other patients or the integrity of the [transplant program] generally,” Belzil said.

“No one has a right to receive [organ] transplants and no one is forced to undergo transplantation surgery.”

“The proposition that treating physicians exercising clinical judgment would be subject to the charter would result in medical chaos with patients seeking endless judicial review of clinical treatment decisions,” Belzil added.

Meanwhile, CBC reports that doctors told Lewis that a transplant was “her only hope of survival.”

No one should be surprised when the radical left doesn’t care whether people live or die in the name of the “greater good.” After all, a baby’s body is not a woman’s body and abortion zealots eagerly destroy that body and kill that life for the benefit of the woman.

Unfortunately, Canada isn’t the only place where people are being denied life-saving transplants and procedures. Numerous hospitals right here in the US have also engaged in similar practices.

NPR reported that a man named DJ Ferguson, 31, was denied a heart transplant by a Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston because he hadn’t “been vaccinated against the coronavirus.”

In October 2021, Colorado’s UCHealth stood firm by its decision to deny organ transplants to patients who aren’t vaccinated, despite pressure from Colorado politicians and other concerned parties.

There are several other instances around the country and it’s downright frightening. So much for the whole “my body, my choice” argument.

COVID went completely off the rails when the left’s health “experts” began insisting that precautions to stop the spread of COVID were to be done for the safety, protection and benefit of others.

The moment they convinced some Americans that the reason for wearing a face mask was actually to protect others is the moment we lost our ability to decide what was best for ourselves and our families.

It was intentional and the left knew exactly what they were doing when they established that face masks were for the protections of “others” and now here we are. People are being denied life-saving medical care in the name of “protecting” others. It’s a shameful and disgusting charade.

The only time the left’s favorite pro-abortion argument “my body, my choice” applies is, ironically, when it concerns a baby’s body. We are on the verge of losing complete bodily autonomy in the US and that should scare every single freedom-loving American.

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  1. Canada has a horrible healthcare system. People come across the border to have surgeries because the waiting lists are long in Canada. You have to remember Canada is one toe away from being a communist country. Trudeau is a communist. His parents took him on vacations to Cuba where his parents were good friends of The Castro. You never see this minor fact in the media. That’s why I love the Internet. Canada started out as a subject of the United Kingdom, after WWII Britain freed Canada and Canada slipped into socialism. Now, it is bordering on communism. We use to get a lot of Canadians shopping on our side of the border and now we see few cars over here. Their prices were so high over there since WWII but thanks to Biden our prices are matching Canada’s even with the border on both sides are now open since Canada finally got their COVID numbers down to ours.


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