Watch: AG Merrick Garland Says The Greatest Risk To The US Are Domestic Terrorists Who Are Fighting For The ‘Superiority Of The White Race’

(Republican Insider) – U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland stated on Tuesday what the Department of Justice’s national strategy for helping to combat domestic terrorism looks like, noting that the greatest threat to our country are individuals supposedly fighting for the superiority of the white race.

Never mind the total disaster that is unfolding at the southern border with all kinds of cartel criminals sneaking across into our country as they hide among the masses of illegal immigrants swarming into the United States. Nope, the biggest threat to national security is white supremacy.

According to Gateway Pundit, there were more than 8,500 BLM-Antifa terrorists that were arrested during summer last year after doing billions of dollars worth of damage in the riots and looting that followed the death of George Floyd. But nope, none of those folks are as dangerous as the gangs of roving white supremacists flooding the streets of America.

That last bit was sarcasm in case you couldn’t pick up on it.

“In the FBI’s view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race,” Garland said during his announcement on Tuesday.

Merrick Garland not only has everything backwards as far as what the biggest threat to our country is at the moment, but he’s also made it clear he’s a loyal stooge to President Joe Biden and will do anything that is required of him to protect him while he’s in office, which apparently includes attempting to shut down any attempt to audit the very suspect 2020 presidential election results.

The attorney general has made it clear that he and his minions are going to be going over every action that was taken during these audits as a means of attempting to intimidate and prevent further audits from happening in other parts of the country.

Another report from the Gateway Pundit reveals how former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and Rep. Mark Finchem responded to the threat that was made by Garland to criminally charge any state official who decided to audit the election results.

Bannon goes bananas on Garland during one point of the conversation with Finchem on his War Room program.

“Barr is as corrupt as the rest of them. They never ever said that they want to get involved in finding out about voter fraud… The Justice Department took the exact opposite tact. And they’re trying to intimidate patriots… They’re not backing off Garland… Listen to Wendy Rogers, you come in here and try to put your hands on anything. You’re the ones who are going to have criminal penalties,” Bannon said.

Lawmakers in the state of Arizona are most definitely not taking such a threat from Garland laying down. In fact, these true patriots have let Garland know that he will not be touching a single ballot or machine in the state unless he wants to be arrested and tossed in the clink.

This is exactly the sentiment that former fighter pilot and current state Senator Wendy Rogers sent to Garland and the rest of the Biden regime when she published a tweet on Twitter.

Biden and his buddies need to understand that real patriots will continue to stand up for what’s right and demand that those who have broken the law and potentially stolen this election be held accountable for what they have done.

These folks are going through the process the right way and will not allow themselves to be terrorized. We don’t need to riot or loot. We can be law abiding citizens with a hunger for truth and justice who will use the system in this country to bring down those who have committed voter fraud.

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  1. Merrick is Trilateral Vatican and Anti Christ. Usurper Malta Biden’s apple that dropped nearby.

    Where is the US Army?

  2. The military can take Biden out of his catbird seat right now, according to Article 4 of the Constitution. He’s endangering the sovereignty of the country by virtually opening the borders.

  3. The Deep State minions will never let the audits happen. They will continue allowing the border to be breached and the left wing BLM/ ANTIFA criminals run amok. This is the greatest threat to national security.

  4. Divide and conquer is the name of the game with the democrats. So long as they can create division between Americans using their completely controlled corporate press to broadcast over their controlled media, they believe that they are winning the brain washing game. Turn off your democrat completely controlled so called “news” and check the internet to learn the truth. Check Steve Quayle, Natural Health News, and Caravan to Midnight on the web to learn the truth.

  5. Garland is still mad at all conservatives because our republican politicians would not confirm him for the Supreme Court years back. He is now, unfortunately, in a position to GET EVEN with us by saying and doing everything he can to push the democrat legislation like their no ID voter fraud insured bill and their persecution of conservatives for all of the country’s problems. Garland wants to point fingers at conservatives while the dems totally ignore the blm and antifa thugs who spent last summer rioting, looting, beating people up and killing some, burning businesses and doing over 2 billion dollars in damage in the process. WAKE UP AMERICA AND USE YOUR VOICES AND YOUR COMMENTS IN THE BATTLE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM GOING TOTALLY SOCIALIST!

  6. This is a bunch of shit. This is America Native country love it or leave it.
    We’ll be here when all you hater’s are gone.

  7. The USA certainly dodged a bullet with this idiot not being confirmed to the Supreme Court. Can’t think of a lot of good things Mitch McConnell has done but this one was HUGE. Imagine this mentality with a Supreme Court Majority…. Thanks Mitch

  8. Greatest threat? White supremacists? What…all maybe 50,000 of ’em? 50,000 white supremacists across the whole U.S.
    No, what this guy and the Bidone administration is talking about is ANYONE that voted for Pres.Trump, is a conservative, or a white Republican….THAT is their definition of a domestic terrorist!

  9. White supremacists? Is this serious? Garland is clueless, and full of shit. Americans should not be subject to such an idiot! Am white, and have NEVER met a ‘white supremacist.’ But he thinks they actually exist. The man is delusional!


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