WATCH: Dem Party Posts Video Of Biden In Attempt To Own GOP… Move Blows Up In Their Face

(Republican Insider) – Once again, the Democratic Party has made themselves look like a bunch of bumbling fools after their official Twitter account attempted to slam the GOP by posting a video of Biden, which promptly got destroyed by an army of conservative users who skewered the video with valid point after valid point.

According to The Western Journal, the onslaught began right after Democrats put up a video clip that featured Joe Biden using his usual ridiculous talking point criticizing the GO for always being oppositional and not standing for anything.

“Ask your Republican friends — I mean this sincerely — name me something the national Republican Party is for,” Biden went on to say. “Not a joke.”

The 79-year-old politician made the remarks Thursday during the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting that took place in Washington.

The snarky caption that accompanied the video said, “We’ll wait,” coupled with emojis of crickets to try and signal the GOP’s alleged inability to respond to the accusation.

“Countless Twitter users fired back, however. Among the things they said Republicans support are secure borders, strong families, lower taxes, less crime, school choice, the Constitution, capitalism, fraud-proof elections, protecting the unborn and energy independence,” the report said.

“Several users underscored that the GOP backs “America first” policies, including prioritizing citizens over illegal aliens and free speech without partisan censorship,” the WJ report went on to say.

The assault on the Democrats’ Twitter account continued to rage on Monday morning, with the Virginia GOP and a whole lot of others taking shots at them over their post.

It’s rather hilarious that such a lame attempt by the Democratic Party to slam Republicans ended up blowing up in their faces. We need more opportunities to laugh and smile, right? The left handed us that on a silver platter with this post.

What’s unfortunate is there are several major crisis situations going on right now and it seems that the left lacks leadership to handle these challenges.

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