Watch: Kamala Harris Trashes America As A Violent And Racist Country During Bilateral Meeting With Prime Minister Of Ireland

(Republican Insider) – Kamala Harris, the most unpopular, unwanted Vice President in the history of the US. Harris couldn’t even win a presidential primary in her home state of California yet she’s now the second most powerful person in the US.

In reality, we all know that Biden will soon be on his way out. It’s only a matter of time before Dems put him out to pasture and Harris takes over. That’s likely why Harris, not Biden, is the one communicating regularly with foreign leaders.

On Wednesday, Harris held a virtual bilateral meeting with H.E. Micheál Martin, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland. In keeping with Obama’s legacy, Harris opened the meeting by trashing the US, calling America a violent and “racist” country.

In her opening remarks in response to the mass shooting that took place in Atlanta leaving 8 people dead, Harris said that violence must never be tolerated and always spoken out against.

Interestingly, Harris never brought up the incident in Indianapolis that happened over the weekend involving a black shooter that left four members of the same family dead, including a 7-year-old girl.

Harris means that only politically advantageous violence must be spoken out against. Other than that, she and all the radical liberals like her, are just fine with violence.

In Atlanta, 6 of the 8 victims were Asian women and Harris took the liberty to conclude that the incident was racially motivated. The shooter himself has said that he was not motivated by race but that isn’t stopping Harris and the mainstream media from running wild with allegations that it was a hate crime against Asians.

Report after report has been highlighting how Asian-Americans have been targeted and harassed throughout the pandemic and that this attack was clearly carried out by a white, racist.

In reality, preliminary reports have indicated that the 21-year-old shooter Robert Aaron Long was a sex addict and that his actions were motivated by that.

Long admitted to police that he is a sex addict and that he wanted to “eliminate locations he saw as ‘temptations’ for his sex addiction.”

Harris has an agenda, however, so this incident is being forced into the narrative that America is a racist and violent country and she made sure to present the US as such to the Irish Taoiseach.

Obama must be proud.

In a meeting with a foreign leader, Harris pushed her radical social justice warrior agenda and politicized a tragic event that claimed the lives of 8 people.

She is an embarrassment and a shame to America.

Nonetheless, foreign leaders are forced to interact with Harris as though she were the leader of the US. At one point the Prime Minister of Ireland accidentally referred to Harris as “president” but quickly corrected himself and said “madam vice president.”

Harris is the future of America as disturbing of a thought as that might be, it’s inevitable. We can expect more America-trashing to go on as she continues to hold meetings with foreign leaders and keeps Obama’s anti-American legacy alive.

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  1. Obviously Harris knows nothing of Irish history! That said, I should have stopped at knows nothing. She sounds like an Angry Obama. Picking a d choosing which deaths fits her narrative makes her a good little Democrat. Too bad she doesn’t know the real America, just tge trash she runs with.

  2. Willie Brown could get big bucks for a tell all book.
    He might have trouble finding a publisher and Amazon and Walmart wouldn’t sell it.

  3. She is a two faced liar, telling wha she think people want to hear. She is incompetent and uncapable in her position, Harris and Biden are both lost they have to rely on odummer for assistance. Three losers!

  4. If Harris thinks that our country is so bad she should waste no time in migrating to a country where things are much better. She is 50% of East Indian heritage so maybe India is where she should immigrate to. She could also try immigrating to Jamaica.

  5. IMO, Harris is Obama’s surrogate, and is picked to fill a diversity qualification of the Biden democrat bunch. When he steps down, they’ll claim to have the first female, African American president, but she isn’t. She’s Indian/Jamaican, but they’ll check the African American block to make her fit their bill.

  6. So I guess this is the Harris apology tour or the Obama apology our 2.0. She only got where she is by boinking Willie, so she has some nerve taking the moral high ground. I guess she and the Dems feel they don’t have enough of the Asian vote so now they are pandering to them. Also helps their butt kissing China policy. As far as hate crimes, Asian victims are in the 50’s while Jews are at 953. But, see, Dems already have most Jewish votes so they don’t need to push for those. It’s all about the votes.


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