WATCH: Kids Dress Up As ‘Bumbling’ Biden For Halloween

(Republican Insider) – Every year at Halloween time, children all across the country don spooky masks and the latest popular superhero costumes to hit up the neighborhood for free sweet treats. And it’s always a ton of fun to watch. There are, of course, those for whom Halloween isn’t simply a holiday, but an opportunity to make a statement, a time to really allow their creativity to shine.

This year, those individuals out did themselves, not by sporting homemade versions of ghosts, goblins, ghouls, or Captain America, but dressing up as a super creepy, very short version of President Joe Biden. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, one of the most popular costumes this year was Biden, and it’s gloriously funny. You just have to see it for yourself to grasp how hilarious this really was. If this doesn’t show you that the vast majority of the American people view Biden as a complete and total joke, I’m not sure what will.

A few videos hit the internet featuring trick-or-treaters dressed up as the president, complete with latex masks of his face — which in all honesty, is probably a lot like his real face, given how much it’s changed over the years — and they immediately went viral, raking in millions upon millions of views on social media sites like TikTok.

In fact, there was one video on the platform that got 4.4 million views. It featured someone dressed up as Biden walking along with others who were sporting Secret Service costumes. The child then takes the Biden impression to a whole new level when he pretends to trip and fall.

Brilliant. Simply, utterly brilliant.

Another video clip shows a kid in his Biden costume aimlessly wandering around, appearing lost while his Secret Service agents attempt to provide assistance. He then sniffed at the woman recording him. Classic.

A third clip shows a teen in full their President Biden costume recreating his infamous fall up the stairs of Air Force One while going up to a house.

The actual president and his wife, Jill, handed out a bunch of candy to kids while she was dressed up like her cat Willow. And Biden was, well, Biden. He even sniffed a baby during the event. He just couldn’t help himself.

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