Watch: Retired 30 Yr Navy Chaplain Volunteered To Chat With FBI About Protest At Capitol On Jan 6th… What Happened Next Is Horrifying

(Republican Insider) – Pressley Stutts served proudly in the United States Navy as a chaplain for over 30 years. He retired from his post in the armed forces and now owns a small business in the state of South Carolina. When he’s not working hard to provide for himself and his family, Pressley, a true patriot, volunteers his time and energy to save this great nation of ours.

According to Gateway Pundit, on January 6, the date of the infamous siege on the Capitol building, almost a million Americans showed up to Washington, D.C. to peacefully protest against what a majority of citizens in this country believe was an election stolen by power hungry Democrats who would take any means necessary to ensure former President Donald Trump was not allowed to have a second term.

Pressley was one of those Americans who decided to show up, brave the cold and hostile conditions that were put in place by the mayor of the city, to stand up for election integrity.

Mr. Stutts went to D.C. to show his support for former President Trump. He didn’t come there to participate in some planned insurrection and he certainly didn’t expect to find himself close to the action on the steps of the Capitol.

However, when barricades were removed and a police officer beckoned him to advance onto the steps, he joined with hundred of other individuals who were there to voice their support for the lawmakers inside the building who would reject electors from contested states.

Stutts never made it past the steps of the Capitol. But he did witness men dressed in black clothing break out windows at the Capitol building while the Trump supporters in attendance warned they were members of a radical left-wing group known as Antifa. Stutts then explained that he heard women shouting, “Antifa! Antifa!”.

“His time on the steps of the Capitol building was short-lived, but the targeting of Mr. Pressley for daring to stand on the steps of the Capitol building on January 6th may follow this innocent man for the rest of his life,” GP’s report said.

Stutt volunteered to speak with the FBI to help explain what happened that day at the Capitol, being a good citizen who believes in law and order. How was he rewarded for wanting to do the right thing? How about multiple interrogations by the TSA.

Here’s the whole story:

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  1. This is entirely funded planned and executed under the instruction of the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY! The cartels are supplying the manpower
    and equipment!

    • Don’t forget George Soros. He spent many millions to get Obama elected. Soros also spent many millions, if not more than a billion to fraudulently cause the millions of fraudulent vote for Piglosi and her crew, Biden, Harris, Schumer, etc. to keep their seats. Why are we paying these Socialist/Communist traitors to run the country? Somewhere, there MUST be a Federal Law Enforcement agency left in our country that would conduct a legitimate investigation………all of the Dems and RINOs in the Deep Swamp of The District of Corruption smell……really bad!

  2. this corruption goes way back. who is responsible for JFK murder and why are those documents still with held. what about Seth Rich. what about Donald Young, the openly-gay choir-director of the church in Chicago of which Obama was a member for some 20 years — Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United.and McCain. George H W Bush Indictment Paperwork 2 Months Before Death!
    the link might have to search for , is down sometimes. this will blow you away. this is why called Deep . oh yeh and the 12 families. corruptions on both sides.

    • And do not forget about the assassination of Georgia Republican Congressman Larry MacDonald in 1982. Remember he was the current president of the John Birch society at the time and one of the strongest conservatives in the Us Congress. He and Jesse Helms were scheduled to fly to South Korea to celebrate a special incident from the past which I do not remember. Anyway, Helms and another conservative had to rescheduled their flight so only MacDonald flew on the original flight. It was a commercial airline with a couple of hundred on board. His plane suspiciously strayed off course into Russian air space so the plane was shot down by the Russian Air Force. Up to that date no previous flight on this same schedule ever went off course. And since then none. So how could this happen? The Russians did not cooperate with the US since the plane crashed in Russian territory. No luggage every recovered no bodies recovered. The US received the black boxes but were compromised. Someone on our side sabotaged that plane so it could go off course. I bet it was someone from the CIA. The Russians admitted shooting the plane down because they thought it was a spy plane. They denied knowing it was a commercial airline.

  3. There is a plan afoot to delegitimize conservative Republicans. Liberal Democrats are attempting to do to conservative Republicans what the German Nazis did to the Jews. Dehumanize them, accuse them of racism, treason and corruption. As the Nazis used the Reichstag fire to set up a dictatorship, the Liberal Democrats are using the assault on the Capitol Building to increase their power and control over the government. The reason history is under attack is because history is going to be repeated. Remeber that the Nazis were the liberals of their day. The Weimar Republic, that the Nazis replaced, under President Hindenburg was a staunch conservative government. Is history being repeated? Good God I pray not.

  4. I believe Deep State planned the attack on the capitol as setup for Conservative Republicans. I sure hope we can win this war against them.

  5. A retired sheriff deputy friend of mine posted a similar story of what happened in Washington DC from information he got there (he was not retired at the time). He was not in Washington, but his story seems to fit the story of the retired navy chaplain, something it seems no one wants you to discuss when you mention Antifa leading the way to incite a mob. I am sure some Trump supporters followed, though I do not think that was their purpose. It was the purpose of Antifa though.

  6. the cartel are being funded very well , and SORO’s IS ALSO FUNDING THEM , besides , China , and the families of the kids the cartel are helping across, and if they don’t pay the families are killed

  7. I believe that this trouble that happened that day was planned and executed by the Speaker and the Mayor of D.C. Trump offered 10,000 guard and that was turned down. I believe the above mentioned, summoned Antifa to be there to cause trouble, because they could not stand for a large group of Trump supporters to be there, peacefully. I believe they wanted trouble. Trump’s rallies were peaceful, but I believe Pelousy and the Mayor couldn’t stand for a large group of supporters to meet ON THE CAPITOL GROUNDS, AND BE PEACEFUL IN THEIR MEETING. I believe Pelousy planned and wanted this trouble. Antifa and BLM are the democrats enforcers, and people saw buses of Antifa being brought in, that day. 10,000 guard were offered and turned down for that day. I understand Pelousy was responsible for security that day. I also believe that our own FBI are no longer trustworthy, and that they need to be given a new leader and the organization cleaned out, top to bottom.

  8. “…when barricades were removed and a police officer beckoned him to advance onto the steps…” – Capitol police officers were ordered by Pelosi to let the ‘rioters’ into the building. Known fact.


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