WATCH: Texas Congressman EXPLODES In Democrat Hearing… TORCHES The Biden Administration Right To Their FACES

(Republican Insider) – U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican from the great state of Texas, recently presented a list of subjects that he says his liberal political opponents “don’t want to talk about” after demonstrating how astonished he was about the sharp turn his Democratic colleagues took on the issue of defunding the police.

During a session of the House Judiciary Committee last Wednesday, according to a report from WND, Roy went on to recall “quote after quote after quote on the record calling for the defunding of police.” However, Democrats are now proposing spending $350 billion in taxpayer money in order to “solve the problem” of the spike in crime that came about as the result of their policies that defunded law enforcement departments, which led to fewer cops to patrol the streets.

Roy then pointed out that it was liberal-leaning publication The Washington Post that actually fact-checked Democrats, including Press Secretary Jen Psaki, for making false claims about Republicans being the ones who defunded the police.

How in the world these folks thought they could get away with that kind of a lie really does blow the mind, but hey, when Democrats are desperate, they’ll do anything, and we do mean anything, to help save face in the public eye.

“Turning to the issue of abortion, Roy noted he predicted that Democrats wouldn’t mention the word ‘heartbeat’ when talking about the ‘Heartbeat Protection Act,’ which would prohibit abortion in cases in which a fetal heartbeat is detectable,” WND reported.

“Guess what? They didn’t. Because ‘heartbeat’ doesn’t really help the agenda – talking about a heartbeat – does it?” he went on to say.

“Democrats, he said, also don’t want to talk about the ‘skyrocketing,’ record murder rates in 12 cities run by Democratic mayors and the fact that 89% of black murder victims are killed by black offenders,” the report continued.

“We don’t want to talk about that, or talk about ways we can address that, because it’s not helpful to the agenda,” Roy added.

Roy continued by saying that Democrats also don’t want to discuss all the Americans who died due to overdoses of fentanyl, which number somewhere around 100,000.

“Don’t want to talk about that – not helpful to the open borders agenda causing Americans to die,” he delivered with a sting.

“He also brought up the deaths resulting from COVID-19 measures, including suicides and mental health issues as well as the cancers and other deadly diseases missed by canceled screenings,” WND’s report said.

“No, no, no, let’s just run away from that. Let’s just sweep that aside,” he stated with dripping sarcasm, once again delivering a major blow to his Democratic colleagues.

“Let’s not talk about excess deaths, let’s not dive into and have hearing after hearing about excess deaths, when we’re talking about tens of thousands of Americans,” the congressman remarked.

“Are we studying that data? No. Because it’s not helpful to the agenda,” Roy pointed out.

Earlier last week, WND spoke to Edward Dowd, who used to work as an analyst on Wall Street, who has compiled data from the CDC that shows a scary increase in excess deaths among Millennials over the last year during the COVID vaccine rollout.

Roy then brought up the consequences of “radical energy policies” that prevent the United States from being able to cut our dependence on foreign oil and become energy independent.

As he closed out his statement, Roy went on to say that he never hears his constituents beg him to give the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security more power.

“Yet, citing an FBI counter-terrorism criminal division threat tag targeting people who oppose COVID measures and believe fraud determined the outcome of the 2020 election, the Texas lawmaker said a bill proposed by the Democrats ‘would empower federal bureaucrats, federal authorities to go after the American people,'” he said.

Roy hit the nail on the head. Democrats are desperate to avoid all of these topics because they are glaring examples of their absolute and utter failure in governing our nation. The American people aren’t stupid. We all are well aware of these issues and how badly the left has blown it because we are the ones who bear the consequences for their actions.

This is why it’s so critical to put election integrity legislation into action. The left is willing to lie, cheat, and steal to gain and keep political power, something the 2020 presidential election made abundantly clear. We have to have secure elections so we can vote these people out and place folks in these critical positions in order to enact policies to secure our freedom and rebuild our economy.

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