WATCH: UFC Champ Calls Trump ‘Greatest President,’ Rips Into Biden Supporters

(Republican Insider) – Sports leagues in the US have largely jumped on board the woke wagon over the course of the last two years. Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA) and even the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) have made loud declarations of their wokeness.

One sport, however, that seems to be immune to the poisonous radical left agenda is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Numerous fighters have expressed their support of President Trump and the UFC has yet to stop them from doing it.

After a decisive win in the UFC 272 main event Saturday night, Colby Covington unabashedly voiced his support for President Trump and expressed his wish to see Trump retake the White House in 2024.

“Mr. 45, President Trump — greatest living American and greatest president in history, man,” Covington said after defeating Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision.

Covington has been a Trump supporter since at least 2018, according to The Sporting News. In August of 2018, he visited Trump at the White House to celebrate his interim welterweight title belt.

Along with his support of Trump on Saturday, Covington also slammed the current state of affairs in the US under the usurper Joe Biden.

“The things [Trump] did for this country… All you liberals out there that say he didn’t, look at inflation, look at our open borders,” he said.

“Our f****** country’s going to s*** right now without him. So we need him back in 2024, Trump 2024, and you know he’s going to come back and make America great again.”

If only the left actually wanted America to be great again maybe we could all get on the same page. The whole making America great goal, however, is the opposite of their radical agenda, which is to destroy this great country for good.

Jorge Masvidal is also a Trump supporter. In 2020 Masvidal joined Donald Trump Jr. for a day-long event along the campaign trail called “Fighters Against Socialism.”

According to Masvidal, Covington isn’t a true Trump supporter. He claims Covington only started voicing support for Trump to gain publicity.

“Ask him any question about Trump policy, or anything that Trump changed or didn’t change, and see what the f*** he tells you,” Masvidal told Business Insider.

“He can’t tell you s***. He just wanted to tie his name to something that was going up, whether people loved him or hated him. He was like, ‘Let me attach my name to that because I could get some fame for that.’”

On the other hand, Covington asserts that Masvidal failed to follow through on a promise to visit Trump in the White House and that Masvidal does not actually embrace conservative values.

“Jorge Masvidal is the definition of handouts,” Covington told Insider. “He used to use an Obama phone, food stamps from the government. He’s Fidel Castro Jr.”

“The guy’s the definition of communism, and here he is trying to act like he’s a right-winger now. So it’s just funny — the hypocrisy.”

Those sound like fightin’ words. Good thing these two have an outlet for all that anger towards each other.

Whether or not their accusations are true is irrelevant. The fact is that the UFC allows for this type of discourse while other sports leagues are quick to criticize and silence any athletes who even so much as hint at being a conservative or voting Republican.

Woke liberals have taken over sports in America despite the fact that many of them likely don’t even watch organized sports. As if the people demanding for name changes to some of the most iconic sports clubs in the country actually follow those sports? Let’s not pretend they do which makes it all that much more absurd.

We’re thankful these UFC fighters are able to publicly argue about who likes President Trump more. It’s a refreshing change from the insufferable pissing contest to be the most progressive and woke from every other league.

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