‘We r F****d’: Celebrities Triggered By Republican Success

(Republican Insider) – Celebrities in the entertainment industry are the kind of folks who are lost within their own universes, believing all of creation somehow revolved around them. They truly think their opinion should trump that of the average American citizen, which, by the way, is who is really building and sustaining this country.

In short, actors and other entertainment professionals are narcissists to the very core of their being. Which is why when it comes to trying to fit in and understand the real world, most of these folks are totally clueless.

Which is why when former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is a liberal Democrat, got trounced on Tuesday in the gubernatorial election to Republican Glenn Youngkin, who is pro-parent, pro-education, and pro-business, many folks belonging to this particular group of individuals lost their minds.

According to WND, super liberal actress Rosie O’Donnell took to social media where she said, “We r f****d.” This sums up how devastating the election was for these folks with the massive victories that Republicans took home. And it’s not even the midterms yet.

“Fascism is alive and well in America,” Rosanna Arquette went on to say in total despair.

And in what will be no surprise for anyone, singer Cher also went into a panic over these results saying, “ITS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEMOCRACY & DICTATORSHIP.”

Man, Cher’s over-the-top with the dramatics online just like she is in real life. Good grief.

And the whole post that she published on Twitter is saturated in exclamation points and all-caps, so it seems she was really beside herself about the damage her party sustained this week.

“Hollywood celebrities let loose a collective wail of despair after Republicans won big in Tuesday’s election,” the report explained, citing social media fretting from “Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, Amber Tamblyn, Jeffrey Wright, Sophia Bush, Bradley Whitford, and Rosanna Arquette,” Breitbart went on to say in its report of celebrity responses.

“The report pointed out Democrats not only lost in Virginia, but the New Jersey governor’s race, also expected by Democrats to be a walkover, was a dead heat. And school boards across the nation were moving away from the liberal elitism espoused by the party,” WND said.

“For example, in one Denver suburb a slate of four conservative candidates is expected to become the majority of the local school board. And in left-leaning Seattle, a Republican is becoming the city attorney. City council membership also was moving toward the conservative side,” the report continued.

One of the main reasons that the radical left in Hollywood was so upset over Youngkin winning in Virginia is because this race is seen as a referendum on the presidency of Joe Biden. His approval rating has taken a nose dive to the low 40s and upper 30s in recent polling.

And it’s not surprising to see Biden’s approval rating take such a dramatic downward turn when you look at the fact he’s facing a plethora of crises and doing little to nothing about any of them.

“That’s followed his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, his crisis at the southern border, rising inflation and COVID-19 failures – more people now have died of COVID under Biden’s president than under President Trump, who was in office when it hit, even though the legacy media is unlikely to be reporting on that,” WND’s report said.

“Actor Bradley Whitford reached probably as far as anyone, accusing the GOP of embracing racism – even though it is leftists who promote Critical Race Theory, which teaches that all whites are racist,” the report added, “He said the Republicans ‘want everyone to get over slavery while they can’t get the fact that they lost the Civil … War.'”

Actor Josh Gad, the guy who played the little snowman in Frozen, recently made a warning about “burning down the entire house.”

Wendell Pierce, who is part of an Amazon production, stated that this landslide in the GOP’s favor was due to the “prejudices of ordinary people.”

“Ethan Embry, who appears on Netflix, said, ‘Enjoy the last year of Democrat control,’ apparently predicting Democrat failures in the 2022 elections, too,” the report stated.

It seems Rosanna Arquette was not too happy with anyone, going on to say, “I’m sick of the weakness of the Democratic Party and the corrupt criminal Republican Party and the evil Media who has (sic) fed the beast.”

What the left in Hollywood does not seem to understand is that Americans who are living regular lives and don’t have tons of money and privilege like these so-called “artists,” are fed up with failing Democratic Party policies that take more of their hard earned money in taxes and then attempt to enslave them with gross government overreach.

They might not care about their liberty, but we do.

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  1. These actors are just that-ACTORS who by definition are phony. Their lives revolve around pretending to be important when the reality is they aren’t important at all, especially to REAL people. They sit in their multi-million dollar mansions surrounded by gates and high fences then spout hatred toward the little people who don’t toe the leftist line but they are still expected to pay the outrageous prices at the box office to see mediocre movies.

  2. When you listen to insane ravings of these people, Remember what these people do for a living and where they live. They are actors and their only skill is to deceive people into believing something that is not true. They live in California and New York the two homes of sexual perversion and massive drug use.
    They fear honesty because it pulls back the veil and that reveals their sad lives. They make millions of dollars and contribute nothing. Just listen to the constant barrage of liberal propaganda in virtually every Movie and TV show and to their wild claims that the liberal propaganda machine, the main street media, does anything but attack conservatives
    Remember, there is reason they call some ideas “the right” and when you look at those things that are wrong and insane they are “what’s left.”

  3. What is in the water in Make believe land, CA. These people are in another world with this crap on a cracker. Thank God I do not have facebook or twitter. These people (like CNN, MSNBC, ETC) are too incredibly stupid to check facts and that their take on things is blindly foolish. I thank the Good Lord for giving me a brain to think with. These people are so used to following scripts and directors, they can no longer think for themselves.

  4. I would only have one wish and that is that EVERYONE would STOP calling it the DEMOCRATIC party. It’s the DEMOCRAT party ,not democratic party. There’s NOTHING thats DEMOCRATIC about that group. There’s not but 2 of them I would ever even think about voting for. Zell Miller and now Joe Manchin, mabe. The rest are nothing more than Evil Demons. And half the republicans are just as bad………


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