WATCH: Whistleblower Comes Forward To Expose “Dirty” Truth About The COVID-19 Vaccine

(Republican Insider) – One of the things you’ll never hear on the mainstream media news coverage concerning the vaccine for the coronavirus is the total number of people who are either dying from it or are experiencing adverse side effects that ruin lives.

Instead, you’ll get bombarded by propaganda as the radical left continues to capitalize on the pandemic as a means of justifying massive power grabs that they are using to then divide the country into factions so they can alter the very fabric of our nation and transform it.

A good example of the kind of stuff you won’t see on CNN or MSNBC is a board certified occupational therapist who recently came forward and claimed that he has seen far more people dying from the vaccine than from COVID.

According to WND, Abrien Aguirre recently spoke to Hawaii Free Speech News, which is a citizen-journalist video channel, where he stated, “I’ve seen 32 elderly people pass away immediately after taking the Moderna vaccine. None of that is being talked about on the news. It doesn’t fit their narrative.”

“I’ve seen more patients die from the vaccine than from COVID,” he went on to say. Aguirre then stated that he works for Oahu’s largest skilled nursing facility and has actually served in three different coronavirus units with geriatric patients, the very people who are at the highest risk of dying from COVID.

“The people moved to the COVID unit, didn’t have COVID. They tested positive with the PCR test, but most of them were asymptomatic and only suffering from their pre-existing conditions,” he went on to say.

Aguirre then came out and stated that people who died from other terminal conditions were then listed officially as coronavirus deaths.

“A billing department in a nursing facility had therapists change its medical diagnosis codes from conditions such as pulmonary disorder to COVID to get higher reimbursements, he said,” the report detailed.

“In some instances, said Aguirre, people that hadn’t even tested positive were listed as having COVID-19,” WND’s report continued.

“It’s just fraud on every level,” he went on to say.

This is what the left doesn’t want you to know, folks. Because COVID has presented them with a golden opportunity to usurp authority, power, and control over the general population that they do not want to let go of.

Unless we the people make it clear to our elected officials that if they don’t stop putting these mandates out there, if the media doesn’t start telling the truth, we are going to boot them from office come election time, nothing will ever change.

These folks are weak. If we just say no and stand firm on that, they will cave.

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  1. Here’s what’s going on, the Democrats are funneling campaign monies (for their 2022 and 2024 Congressional campaigns), through the Hospitals and HealthCare facilities (which are KNOWN to contribute extraordinary amounts of money to the Democratic Party), so in essence, our Taxpayer money and a portion of the money our Treasury is printing will eventually FUND the Democratic Party. I hope that VOTERS see through this, if not, we will have Socialism by 2024. God Bless.

  2. Everyone needs to get a grip and beef it up! This world is so fearful and your all weenie! Your so weak you can’t stand up for your rights! I challenge you today for 1 month to read and believe in the one and only God,Son,and the Holy Spirit in the living Bible! Because all the government is trying to do is take control of your mind and life. The mind can take over if you let it. So take control! Believe that God is who he says he is. And read the living Bible for the truth that we are in End times. God is a loving God and now it’s his turn to take control. We the people did this world wrong! Do you see that government is driving all Love,Repect,Trust,Hope! In each other’s life’s. This Covid is just a scare and a way for control. God loving is trying to wake this world up to draw us to our knees and come together as one under one God of our nation once again like in the olden good old days! Yes! We’ll all going to die one way of another. God knows each one of us when. We just need so desperately to grip on God’s love and trust in him alone! I promise you that you will have every lasting life! So whatever your true heart is about Covid shots or anything!! Know that if you trust in God alone he is right there at your right hand if you ask him in your heart and truly live for God! I myself will Not give into this corrupt evil world! Let’s all swim up stream like salmon and do good by sharing a little Love each day! You’ll be happier!????????????????!

    • If u really believe God,u do realize that america has butchered 66 million babies and many more we have sent to in to use for other nations to do the same. America’s gods r money,sex and u think God ignores the cries of these innocents crying out to Him for justice?

      • No, GOD does not ignore the cries of these innocent babies being denied their RIGHT to live. They are being butchered by the same “paragons of virtue and tolerance” that are now demanding masks be worn 24/7 by children. They want to take over what is a parent’s right. The Gestapo had nothing on these gutter snipes.

      • The enemy is in control of so many people and convinces them that murdering their unborn child is the right path. If people followed Jesus, read the Bible DAILY and lived by those tenants, the world would be so much better. But, please have faith that God was with every one of those unborn babies and wrapped His loving arms around them. They are with Him for all of eternity. And the moms of these babies can repent and be forgiven of their sins. Just like every single one of us can be forgiven by God.

  3. If u really believe God,u do realize that america has butchered 66 million babies and many more we have sent to u to use for other nations to do the same. America’s gods r money,sex and u think God ignores the cries of these innocents crying out to Him for justice?

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