Whoopi Goldberg Goes On Unhinged Rant… Buying An AR-15 Is Easier Than A Glass Of Beer

(Republican Insider) – It is no stretch to make the claim that the liberal lunacy of the progressive agenda has infected the brain of Whoopi Goldberg and completely transformed her into a nut-job of the highest order. We’re talking about the kind of unstable person that is on their way to earning a free vacation to the nearest mental hospital.

That’s what liberalism does to the rational mind. It deteriorates it until there is nothing left to produce a calm, reasoned response to the issues facing our country today.

According to The Western Journal, Goldberg once again went on a rant during an episode of “The View” concerning gun control where she told a bald face lie about gun sales.

“The issue is that there’s an assault weapon out there that people can put their hands on,” the co-host of the program said.

From the get-go, Goldberg displayed an offensive ignorance concerning firearms by employing the use of the term “assault weapon.” The term itself is nonsense.


Because every weapon is designed to assault, so implying there are guns that exist out there that are not designed for that purpose, you are using a nonsensical term when saying “assault weapons” as a category of firearm.

You see, back in 1994, when Congress banned “assault weapons,” the definition it cooked up was incredibly confusing. They failed to clarify what the true meaning of the term was and thus we have this quandary today.

“They can put their hands on it easier than they can get a glass of beer in a bar,” she stated. “Kids can get an assault weapon. That’s the issue.”

The claim Goldberg made here is totally false.

“According to the anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety, federal law requires every person purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer to pass a background check,” the WJ report said.

“No one, regardless of age, can walk into the store of a licensed firearm dealer and purchase a gun without having his or her criminal history examined. On the contrary, anyone aged 21 and older can walk into a bar and order a beer by simply showing a driver’s license,” the report continued.

“Many leftists are quick to point out what they like to call the ‘gun show loophole.’ According to Politifact, this term refers to an exception in which non-federally licensed sellers can sell firearms without conducting a background check of the buyer,” the WJ report added.

The sellers in question are defined by law as being a person who “makes occasional sales, exchanges, or purchases of firearms for the enhancement of a personal collection or for a hobby, or who sells all or part of his personal collection of firearms.”

Since many of these sellers are likely to show up at gun shows, some in the Democratic Party have made the false suggestion that Americans can buy any kind of gun at one of these events without participating in a background check.

“You go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, and no background check,” Joe Biden went on to say back in April 2021, according to a piece from Politifact.

Politifact determined this claim made by Biden to be “mostly false,” due to the fact that only non-licensed firearms sellers can sell guns without conducting background checks.

The outlet also concluded that “federally licensed sellers have been found to make up a substantial share, and perhaps a majority, of gun show vendors.”

The Western Journal then points out that even if an individual were to find a non-licensed seller to purchase a weapon from, doing so would still take a lot more effort than purchasing a can of beer.

Goldberg is a loony lefty who lies anytime she takes a breath.

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  1. Fact: In 1990 then Senator Joe Biden authored the Gun Free School Zone Act. And yet we see that these ‘gun free zones’ are where most of these heinous crimes take place.

    Fact: Republicans, sent a Bill to vote that would have provided School funding for: Police / Armed guard(s), Single point of entry & Teacher training. Sen. Chuck Schumer D NY killed it in favor of Gun Bans.

    Fact: The local, state and federal Gun Laws you pushed for to detect or deter “mass shooters” actually worked as defined. Note: The buyers only became criminals after THEIR actions resulted in mass shootings! So, what law do you propose that will detect that fact? Fact: “Professional” criminals in which “Gun control” becomes a real Liberal conundrum! as the Democrats want us to believe that people who are willing to ignore laws against rape, torture, kidnapping, robbery, theft, and murder will MAGICALLY obey a law which prohibits them from owning a firearm”.

    Fact: It’s not about protecting our kids or school safety… Nope. It’s about the Democrats disarming US Citizens!

    Historic Fact: Governments have disarmed and executed over 262 million of their own people in the 20th Century. So, please tell me again why Governments should be the only one with guns?

  2. Tell Whoopi to quit TOKING on her BONG before she SPEAKS . . . These LIBERALS are getting OUT of HAND! One Enlightened Patriot.

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