Wisconsin Election Officials Secretly Remove Over 200,000 From Their Voter Rolls

(Republican Insider) – The state of Wisconsin had allowed 200,000 people to remain on their voter rolls during the 2020 presidential election. However, election officials have announced this week that they have finally taken action and removed these individuals from the rolls.

Gee, how convenient to wait until after the election, which a mountain of evidence proves was stolen from President Donald Trump and handed to Joe Biden on a silver platter.

According to a report from Newsmax, “Wisconsin elections officials said Wednesday that they have removed more than 205,000 voters from the rolls as part of routine work to keep the state’s registration lists up to date.”

“Purging voters from the rolls has been a point of major contention in the perennial swing state. Conservatives filed a lawsuit in 2019 demanding that the Wisconsin Elections Commission remove voters from the rolls if they didn’t respond to mailings within 30 days. The lawsuit ultimately failed and Democrat Joe Biden went on to beat Donald Trump by about 20,000 votes,” the report continued.

“Commission officials announced Wednesday that they deactivated 174,307 voter registrations on Saturday because the voters hadn’t cast a ballot in four years and didn’t respond to a mailing. They said they are required by law every two years to identify registered voters who haven’t voted in the previous four years and deactivate them unless they wish to remain registered,” it added.

So the election officials in Wisconsin allowed more than 200,000 voters who were designated as indefinitely confined, remain on the rolls despite the fact they actually weren’t.

A report from Gateway Pundit back in February of this year tackles this very same subject, noting that the “indefinitely confined” status excluded a requirement for voter IDs.

“The ‘Indefinitely Confined’ status available for Wisconsin voters excludes a requirement for providing an ID when applying. In 2020 the number of indefinitely confined individuals in the state exploded. According to the state’s own report that will be discussed at a Wisconsin Elections Commission being held today, the number of absentee votes exploded in 2020,” the report revealed (screen shot here).

“The numbers surrounding absentee ballots in Wisconsin are shocking. In 2016 less than 28% of all votes were absentee votes but in 2020 the number exploded to 60% of all votes. Nearly 2 million absentee ballots were cast in Wisconsin in 2020 compared to around 800,000 in 2016 – a 250% increase. Only 4,ooo or .2% of all absentee ballots were returned and rejected and only 85,000 absentee ballots or 4% were not returned. In 2016 2.5% of absentee ballots were rejected, the equivalent in 2020 would be around 50,000 ballots,” GP reported.

Of these absentee ballots, a whopping 265,000 were part of a block of voters with a status of “indefinitely confined,” compared to back in 2016 when Trump skunked Hillary, and the number was 67,000 (screen shot here). That’s an increase of 200,000 folks. What in the world happened?

The report went on to say, “The Wisconsin Election Commission claims that a majority of indefinitely confined voters ‘have a photo ID on file or have otherwise previously presented photo ID to vote in a recent election. A review of election records found that approximately four fifths of the voters meet these criteria.’ (However, it is unknown how many individuals were sampled and which locations this estimate came from. Although this estimate might be overstated based on the work they performed to obtain this estimate, that’s still 52,000 ballots in the 2020 election in Wisconsin with no photo ID provided.)”

Again, this is some serious shady business that needs to be thoroughly investigated. It’s become crystal clear that there were a lot of different methods used in this fraud scheme. We must take action now to secure future elections, else our republic is done for.

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  1. It’s a fact that Fraud exist lets do what needs to be done cancelled the election and do it Over and yes removed those Democrats from election workers and the Machines we are not a third world country it’s time to Act Democrats it’s Jail time

  2. There is endless irrefutable proof that the 2020 election was stolen by the democrats in every conceivable way and yet the lies and fraud have been used to install puppet biden as our commander in chief. The future of our Republic does not look very good and we, the American people, will all suffer greatly because we will soon recognize that our Republic is Dead and has been illegally replaced by Socialism. puppet biden will be set up as our president forever using every type of voter fraud, lies, cheating until our country is completely destroyed. We, the people, are going to suffer as we transition from being a free people to slaves under a socialist government.

  3. The election was ridded with fraud and every state needs examine their election laws N overturn the current corrupt election and replace the current standing government


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