WOW! Chris Wallace Still Claims He Didn’t Rig Trump Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

(Republican Insider) – Fox News host Chris Wallace, who infamously rigged the 2020 presidential debate against President Donald Trump in order to help boost Joe Biden to ensure that the Democrats took the White House, is still claiming that he did not rig that particular event against the president at that time.

However, in a report coming from Gateway Pundit, it’s obvious that Wallace, within the first 15 minutes of the event, started debating President Trump himself, rather than allowing him to verbally spar with his opponent on the issues that matter to Americans.

For those of us who remember the event clearly, the whole thing was a rather disgusting and unprofessional display.

In fact, during one portion of the debate, Trump more or less had to do battle against both of these knuckleheads at the same time. Things got so bad that a petition was started in order to launch a boycott of the Fox News host.

During an interview on Sunday, Wallace was interviewed by Old Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz. And once again, Wallace defended the way he conducted himself during the debate.

Another report from GP highlights the event in question here, pulling video clips and information from the debate to prove that Wallace was indeed inserting himself into the conversation as someone other than a fair and balanced moderator.

Wallace actually cut the president off during one point in the event. Conveniently, it was when the president boldly brought up all of the Biden Family scandals that unfolded in the months just prior to the election. And after rudely cutting him off, Wallace proceeds to lecture the president about not interrupting.

Wallace should never be allowed to moderate an event like this ever again. He’s proven that he cannot remain neutral and impartial, which is exactly what a moderator must be in order to effectively keep a debate on track and ensure every person involved is heard on every major issue of the day.

This guy absolutely failed to do that. His performance was disgraceful. He really should feel horrible about the whole thing.

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