WTH? As Arizona Audit Continues, New Judge In Court Is ‘Concerned’ With The ‘Constitutional Rights’ Of Voters In Maricopa County

(Republican Insider) – The audit of election ballots in the state of Arizona is marching forward, but so too is the court case in Maricopa County where a new judge is now hearing arguments from desperate Democrats who want to shut down the audit in order to prevent anyone from finding out the truth about their little voter fraud scheme.

According to Gateway Pundit, these Democrats are pulling out all of the stops as a means of shutting down the audit team. Folks, when you try this hard to stop people from uncovering the truth, it seems pretty obvious there is something you want to stay buried. Progressives know they can’t keep fraud hidden forever, but they sure are doing their best to do just that.

“I think this was a very productive and useful hearing. I still have some thinking to do about the requested relief from the plaintiffs. I will do that between now and tomorrow morning,” Judge Martin stated.

Just last week, desperate Democrats filed a last-minute lawsuit to try and block the audit in Maricopa County from happening, just hours before it was due to begin. Liberals went on to claim that the contractors hired by the Arizona Senate, which is responsible for ordering the election review, were not properly securing the ballots and equipment.

Funny. Pretty sure liberals didn’t give much care or concern to proper security and transfer of ballots on election night.

The audit, which started on April 23, is covering 2 million ballots and is also taking a deep dive into electronic tabulators.

In order to gain possession of these materials and machines, the Arizona Senate employed the use of its subpoena power back in January. Just a month later, a judge ruled that the subpoenas were indeed valid and must be obeyed.

Defendants, including the Senate, are saying that since this audit is already underway, along with a lack of standing and claims with any real substance, means the judge presiding over the case shouldn’t put a stop to the audit.

“An injunction of even a day may derail this audit,” Alexander Kolodin, a lawyer representing the Cyber Ninjas, one of four major firms involved in the process, said to the court.

“Per liberal reporter Brahn Resnik, who spews liberal talking points that this audit is a ‘rogue audit,’ the former Perkins Coie attorney and now Arizona judge, Judge Martin, claimed he was worried about the rights of the voters in Maricopa County,” the GP report says.

“Brahm also shares that the auditors are working very hard to get this audit done by May 14. (These distractions and efforts to stop the audit from Democrats no doubt don’t help.)” the report continues.

GP then goes on to provide a list of reasons why Judge Martin should not shutdown the current audit of the ballots.

“This may be the most transparent audit ever. There are 9 video cameras sharing their feeds with the world via the Internet at AZAudit.org. This is not mandated by Arizona law but is being provided by the auditors so anyone can see what’s going on. (I say this from the perspective of an International Audit. I was involved in hundreds of audits around the Globe and never was under video surveillance during any of my many audits. This is really ‘best in class,'” the report says.

“Maricopa County had audits performed but they looked at only a few ballots, if any, and a few machines. Their scope was minimal and perhaps created to allow for invalid ballots included in the final results. They provided little assurance that the election was accurate and complete,” it adds.

Also, the report mentions that the effort being led by Cyber Ninjas is taking a look at all the ballots in the county from every election that took place. Every single ballot is part of a forensic review to ensure the legal validity of the vote.

There’s no need to worry about voter’s rights in this situation. None of the ballots contain the names or any other kind of identification to oust a person as a particular political party or affiliation.

At the end of the day, this audit needs to happen. We the people deserve to know whether or not our election was free and fair, or if someone did something to rig it in favor of their own political party and agenda.

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