Celebrity Journalist Compares Pro-Life Values To…

(Republican Insider) – There are a lot of ugly comparisons that leftists journalists make between conservatives, their policies, and various deplorable groups of human beings throughout our history, but one of the most absurd is without a doubt comparing the pro-life community to the Taliban. Not to mention this is really out of date. The Taliban are so 2004. But that didn’t stop longtime journalist Christiane Amanpour from doing so during an episode of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’ This is why we can’t hold meaningful discussions.

“Amanpour referenced the Arizona Supreme Court decision to uphold an 1864 law protecting most preborn children from abortion as horrifying to other countries. ‘Well yeah, I mean look, you’ve just been talking about something freaking out Americans, which is this Arizona law from pre-Civil War, and that is being really looked at, especially in democracies where there are codified women’s rights and human rights,” she said,” LiveAction revealed.

Amanpour then contrasted Arizona with France, before going on to confess that most countries around the world have not codified baby murder in their constitutions. Gee, I wonder why? Probably because most human beings believe science, which has clearly persuaded lots of individuals that life really does start at conception. I guess that means Amanpour and those like her are science deniers.

“This was sort of a demonstration of will by, you know, a country that’s very supportive of your revolution, to show that this is universal human right and that women actually need to be treated like adults and whether it’s Afghanistan, Iran, or the United States, a bunch of grumpy old men shouldn’t be making essential decisions,” she stated during the segment.

“Afghanistan is currently controlled by the Taliban, a terrorist group which has cracked down on women’s rights since the United States vacated the country, while Iran is also notable for its misogynistic policies. The two regimes have nothing in common with the pro-life movement, which has only one goal: protecting and defending all human life, from conception to natural death,” LiveAction reported.

You don’t have to be religious in order to be pro-life. If you believe conception is the beginning of life you may naturally be under the conviction that human life is worth preserving, no matter your religion, if any. The Taliban and their belief system is the exact opposite of that.

“Far from respecting all human life, terrorists freely and needlessly take lives on a regular basis. Both Iran and the Taliban work to keep women from basic rights, like working, voting, even dressing in clothing of their choice. Women living under those regimes cannot move about freely, make decisions about their own lives, and even live without constant fear of abuse, rape, and murder. That kind of oppression has nothing in common with pro-life laws, which restrict only one thing: the direct and intentional killing of innocent preborn human lives,” the article concluded.

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