U.S. School Accused Of Election Interference

(Republican Insider) – Legal experts who work for Liberty Justice Center have sent out a letter to the prosecuting attorney in Harris County, Texas, demanding an investigation be launched into a school district for alleged election interference. The letter, addressed to District Attorney Kim Ogg, declares that affidavits from voters make allegations against the superintendent of committing a “misdemeanor” violation of the state’s election code which bans “using public resources for political advertising.”

The alleged violation concerns both primary and general elections for the Texas Legislature and a school bond initiative for this year, 2024.

“On March 1, the Texas Attorney General filed a Petition in the District Court of Harris County seeking injunctive relief against the District, its trustees and Superintendent Benny Soileau (the “Petition”). The Petition alleges that Superintendent Soileau held a February 7, 2024 meeting on school grounds during which he directed Hargrave High School Administration faculty and staff to support candidates who oppose the expansion of school choice initiatives in Texas,” the letter said.

The legal team went on to remark, “If two or more registered voters of the territory covered by an election present affidavits alleging criminal conduct in connection with the election to the county or district attorney having jurisdiction in that territory, the county or district attorney shall investigate the allegations.”

One piece of evidence in the case includes a picture of an email that was sent by the principal of Hargrave High where he issued an order that “ALL staff” come to the political meeting.

“The affiants also allege a similar use of District resources in August of 2023 to electioneer in favor of Huffman Independent School District Proposition A, a November 2023 bond initiative. During that meeting, Superintendent Soileau allegedly directed the participants to vote in favor of the bond, explaining that he would award raises if the election results were favorable,” the letter revealed.

“Officials at the Huffman Independent School District illegally used school resources to pressure their employees to oppose school choice candidates,” Dean McGee, Educational Freedom Attorney at Liberty Justice Center, went on to say of the matter. “They violated state law—and voters’ trust—by abusing their positions of authority. We are proud to stand with Harris County voters demanding a criminal investigation by the District Attorney.”

“If the District Attorney does not launch an investigation within two weeks of receiving the letter, the Liberty Justice Center will pursue further legal action through a writ of mandamus, compelling the DA’s office to carry out its duty to the people of Harris County,” LJC noted in its press release concerning the letter.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has also gotten involved in the situation, filing a petition officially making allegations against the Huffman district.

“The Liberty Justice Center’s demand letter to the Harris County District Attorney argues that these uses of public resources for political advertising constitute illegal electioneering, which is a misdemeanor under the Texas Election Code. The affidavits enclosed with the letter require the District Attorney to initiate a criminal investigation,” LJC added.

Leftists will do anything to skirt the law and try to swing elections in their direction. They have invaded all of our major institutions and are using them to help move forward the progressive agenda. This has to be stopped.

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  1. This is Republicans directing Republicans how to vote in the Republican Primary. Are those Texas Republicans leftists? Could be, I reckon. Texas is like Alabama. Nobodies voting for a Democrat. They are just selecting the Republican they want. And it looks like they were pushing for the Conservative Republican. Looks like the leftists have infiltrated the Conservative Republicans. Is that your point?


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