Biden Considers Not Calling Terrorists ‘Terrorists’

(Republican Insider) – In yet another show of horrifically bad policy, the Biden administration is now mulling over removing a designation label from a radical Islamic terrorist group as part of negotiations to help solve conflicts raging in the Middle East through what Bloomberg is calling “diplomatic means,” which is to say they want to kiss the backsides of individuals who slaughter the innocent for failing to convert to their twisted religion. And we thought this president couldn’t possibly get any worse. He basically said, “hold my beer,” and took the challenge by the horns.

According to the folks at the Daily Caller, an Iranian backed and Yemini-based terrorist group known as the Houthis, have been launching missile and drone attacks against various commercial shipping liners, along with U.S. and coalition forces located in the Red Sea over the course of the last several months in order to support Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, who is embroiled in a bloody conflict with Israel.

While the Houthis are, as of this writing, listed on the U.S. Specially Designated Global Terrorist list, our commander-in-chief would consider taking them off if they bring their attacks in the region to an end, Bloomberg reported. Well, now, that is mighty nice of President Joe Biden, wouldn’t you agree? That’s a show of kindness he doesn’t even afford the MAGA crowd which is composed of peaceful individuals looking to legally take back their country from the clutches of progressive socialists. Strange how leftists value terrorists more than their own people, isn’t it?

“My hope is that we can find diplomatic off-ramps,” Tim Lenderking, the Biden administration’s special envoy for Yemen, commented to reporters during a press briefing that was held Wednesday. “To find ways to deescalate and allow us to pull back, eventually, the designation and of course to end the military strikes on Houthis’ military capability.”

“The Biden administration has flip-flopped on its view of the Houthis during President Joe Biden’s tenure. The Houthis were removed from U.S. terrorist designation lists shortly after Biden took office in 2021, citing concerns over what humanitarian impacts it might have on Yemen,” the piece continued.

“The Biden administration returned the Houthis to the SDGT list in January following a spate of attacks against Western vessels in the Red Sea. They were not, however, relisted to the Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO),” the Daily Caller noted.

The remarks by Lenderking stating that the current administration might pull the Houthis from the SDGT list represents an attempt at diplomacy as a means of bringing conflict in the Middle East region to an end. However, it is one that is likely doomed to fail. Radical Islamic terrorists do not carry out major acts of violence as a form of doing politics. They are inspired by religious fanaticism, a mission from the Quran to force all people to be Muslim, or die at the end of a sword. You can’t reason, politically, with these kinds of people.

The administration even admitted that this kind of strategy has failed to yield results.

“The Houthis did not cease their attacks even as several Iranian-backed terrorist groups in the Middle East did at the behest of Tehran. Even though the Houthis receive funding, equipment and intelligence from Iran, the terrorist group operates more independently than the rest of the country’s terror proxy network,” the Daily Caller reported.

When Bloomberg asked whether the Biden administration was offering the Houthis a “quid pro quo” in order to get them to stop the attacks they have launched Lenderking replied, “We would certainly study that but not assume it’s an automatic thing.”

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  1. This American “administration” has only proven them to be a Bat sh*t crazy, anti American bunch of the worst kind of animals ever shoved up the a$$es of the American people…

  2. Remove, Terrorists from ‘The Bad Boys’ list to – Kiss my Butt Tenderly, list, while I slaughter you with Glee list??


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