NYT Bombshell: ‘Deep State’ Applauded, Blasts Trump For Trying To Take It Down

(Republican Insider) – Why does anyone still bother to read The New York Times? At one point in the history of our nation, the publication was a bastion of truth in reporting and journalistic integrity. Those days, however, are gone. No longer do they attempt to provide readers with objective facts and information so they can make their own minds up about issues facing the country today. Now they are propaganda creators who exist only to push the progressive agenda of radical transformation.

A good example of this comes from the latest hit piece The New York Times published concerning former President Donald Trump’s recent remarks on the deep state, which the publication wants you and I to think is “kind of awesome.” Not the comments from Trump, but the deep state itself. Yes, that’s correct, ladies and gentlemen. The NY Times thinks it’s super cool that a group of progressives have infiltrated various agencies within our federal government and are acting as a shadow government to enact and enforce policies meant to usurp freedom and power from the American people.

“The NYT took it upon itself to travel around and find out just who these people are that Trump has made frequent remarks about firing should he be re-elected this November. The Times first met with Scott Bellamy at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Apart from being the Planetary Missions Program Office mission manager, we learn that Bellamy loves Star Trek, drives a Nissan, and helped direct an asteroid off its course with a space craft,” The Western Journal reported.

“Next, the Times went to Washington D.C. to meet Assistant Administrator for Water Radhika Fox of Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water. When she isn’t doing pilates or making salads, she’s ensuring we have clean, lead-free drinking water. She’s also a big Taylor Swift fan,” the WJ continued. “In one last trip to Chicago, the Times was introduced to Department of Labor Acting Director for Enforcement of the Wage and Hour Division for the Midwest Regional Office Nancy Alcantara.”

The Times apparently thinks it’s really important for you and I to know that Alcantara is big into running marathons and enjoys eating a hearty bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. She’s also making sure that kids aren’t being forced to work in slaughterhouses after she “raided slaughterhouses” and “found more than 100 children working illegally.”

So the Times essentially wants you to think of these people as “cool” and heroes of some sort, despite the fact they are also undermining your Constitutional rights, which initially come from the Creator of the universe. In essence, the deep state is attempting to place itself on the throne of God and tell you what rights you can and cannot have. None of these folks were voted into office either. You didn’t choose them as your leaders. They were chosen and installed for you.

“Alcantara said amputated limbs and children dying would have occurred had the Department of Labor not stepped in. Clearly, the NYT has shown viewers some genuinely likable and relatable people who do meaningful work with our tax dollars. You like space travel, right? You don’t want to be destroyed by an asteroid, right? Surely you don’t want lead in the water or children working in slaughterhouses. A vote for Trump is clearly a vote for lead poisoning, child labor, and asteroids hitting Earth,” The Western Journal continued.

When Trump discusses the deep state, he’s referring to those I mentioned above, who are not elected into their positions, but bureaucrats that have way more authority and power over our personal lives than they are supposed to have.

Notice that the Times neglected to interview anyone from the FBI, the CIA, ATF, or Justice Department? Gee, I wonder why that is?

Try as hard as they might to discredit Trump or twist his words around, we know the truth. We know for a fact that shadowy figures within our government are trying to call the shots and run the country in the background, often abusing political authority to strip Americans of power. Trump is seeking to root out those individuals and that’s something we should all be able to get behind.

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  1. NYT once great paper has become nothing but a rag. No truth to half their stories, akin to the National Enquirer a gossip paper where the truth doesn’t matter!

  2. “At one point in the history of our nation, the publication was a bastion of truth in reporting and journalistic integrity.” Obviously the NYT has forgotten all about their “journalist” and his “truth in reporting and journalistic integrity” Stalin supporter Walter Duranty.


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