VIDEO: Chaos Unleashed At Border Spells Disaster For Biden: Trump Capitalizes With Hard-Hitting New Ad

(Republican Insider) – The reality of what’s happening along the southern border was made abundantly clear to the American people through a 15-second ad from former President Donald Trump called “Biden’s Invasion.” The ad, posted to Truth Social by Trump, highlights a recent incident captured on video where a mass of illegal aliens attempted to stampede through Texas National Guard members at our border.

In the clip, Biden says, “Nobody…Nobody is going to be deported,” while footage of troops being rushed, pushed, shoved, and essentially overrun by illegal aliens is put on full display for the whole world to see.

“There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration,” Biden states proudly as illegals rage against the fence before the video makes a transition to other scenes featuring chaos unfolding along the southern border. The ad was produced by Trump-supporting Super PAC MAGA Inc.

“The daily chaos at the border is the fault of one man — Joe Biden,” MAGA Inc. representative Alex Pfeiffer went on to say in a statement. “Biden reversed the Trump policies that stopped illegal immigration.”

Pfeiffer then added that the Trump ad was not put out as a response to an ad from Biden that seeks to paint Trump as some sort of evil, vile racist villain to try and increase the president’s approval among Hispanic voters.

“The Biden ad opens with Biden cooing at a Hispanic baby, an incident from a visit to Arizona in which Biden wandered away from the podium while he was being officially welcomed,” The Western Journal reported. Later in the ad, President Biden refers to the former president as “a guy named Trump.”

“This is a guy who calls Latinos criminals, drug dealers and rapists. Now he says immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country,” Biden remarked.

“What the hell is he talking about?” he asked. “The reason we’re as good as we are is because we are the most diverse country in the world.”

President Biden’s ad is called “Change,” and is set to appear in both English and Spanish in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Florida.

Trump also wrote on Truth Social, “Four years ago we had the strongest and safest Border in U.S. history. Now we have the worst Border anywhere in the World, EVER!!! OUR BORDERS HAVE COMPLETELY COLLAPSED, AND MANY CRIMINALS ARE POURING INTO OUR COUNTRY. MAGA2024!”

A brand new report from The New York Times divulged that polls show the former president tops 40 percent of the Hispanic vote, which is the highest in two decades. Some polls actually show Trump ahead of Biden among Hispanic voters.

“Hispanic voters are about 25 percent of the electorate in swing states such as Nevada and Arizona,” the article said.

George Rodriguez, 57, of Las Vegas, told the Times, “Democrats are letting us down and over and over. They’re losing us because we don’t want handouts. We don’t want — we don’t need your hug. We want a direction. We want jobs.”

Hispanics are waking up to the fact that Democrats are just using them as political pawns in order to gain power and win elections rather than treating them like people and trying to help them. The left has no plans to follow through on most of the promises they make to illegals. Enough is enough. Build the wall, enforce the law.

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  1. The Fraudulent and Criminal O’Biden administration along with His Handlers the Deep Dark State has and continues to bring Destruction upon We The People and Our True America, Values, Ethics Morality, Social Graces Our Rule of Laws and Our Constitution!!!
    We MUST Wake Up, Wise Up and Rise Up America!!!! We Are in Very, Very, Extremely, Grave and Dire Danger “From Within” by Local, State the Seriously Corrupt Washington, DCeivers, China, George Soros and his Henchmen, the Clinton Klan and Sadly many other Subversive Groups both Foreign and Domestic!!! This Anti-American Madness Must Be STOPPED!!!!! No Guts, NO America!!!!! 


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