Trump Prosecutor Faces Off Against Herself In Unprecedented Twist

(Republican Insider) – Disgraced Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has finally spoken out publicly about the mess she’s found herself in. During an interview with CNN, Willis insisted she didn’t do anything wrong and proclaimed that “the train is coming” for former President Donald Trump. Mighty big words, right?

It’s amazing how the radical left really believes that they will never, ever have to suffer consequences for their actions. Truly, they think that they are above the law, and being in a position of power, get to do whatever they want. Unfortunately, due to the infiltration of the legal system by progressives, this has largely been true. Which is why we need Trump to dismantle the deep state inside the Justice Department.

“I don’t feel like my reputation needs to be reclaimed. I guess my greatest crime is I had a relationship with a man, that’s not something I find embarrassing in any way. And I know that I have not done anything that’s illegal,” Willis said during an interview with a CNN reporter.

“The most obvious person to interview in rebuttal of that statement is Willis’s 2020 self. After all, she repeatedly declared that she would not have any romantic relationship with those in her office,” Jonathan Turley reported. “Willis ran against her former boss Paul Howard, who was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal involving his relationship with women in his office.”

Willis allegedly offered both experience and ethical leadership. Not only that, but she also promised that she would not date those that work under her. We see how that turned out, don’t we? Seems Willis is not a woman of her word.

“When confronted with this repeated campaign promise on the stand, Willis came up with a perfectly bizarre spin about Nathan Wade being literally ‘special’ as a special prosecutor. While she hired him, supervised him, and controlled his continued employment with the office, she tried to suggest that he was not really part of the office in the same sense,” Turley wrote.

She then put heavy emphasis on the fact that she did nothing “illegal,” though she did not mention whether or not she believes her actions were “unethical.” Turley noted that the court denounced her unprofessional behavior, which also included her speech at a church where she made the suggestion that the accusations against her were the result of racism.

“Moreover, it may be too early to tell if she is entirely free of criminal allegations. Many believe that both she and Wade gave knowingly false or misleading testimony. That is a problem not just for them as individuals but for the office in this case,” Turley penned. “Willis and Wade were both prosecuting people for the very same conduct of filing false statements with courts and making false statements. The two lawyers testified in tandem but only one was disqualified.”

Turley pointed out that while the Court casts doubt on the testimony provided by Wade concerning the relationship with Willis, it overlooked the testimony from her that essentially ratified those claims.

“Putting aside the pledge of a train coming for Trump, there is the problem that there are usually two tracks and another train may be coming for Willis as the state (and potentially the bar) looks into these allegations,” the legal expert concluded.

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  1. I know this is a wore out statement but is so appropriate here: “Willis and Wade playing stupid games which pay out stupid prizes.”

    Another is like this……” Willis and Wade sitting in a tree … k i s s i n g – along came a …….. _____________________________________________________________________________________

    Anyone care to fill in the blank..?

    I expect in the coming few days or weeks here we are gonna see some pretty juicy stuff.

    Hang tight everybody……..! !


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