BOMBSHELL: Zuckerberg Calls It Quits 1 Week After Conservative Film Exposes How He Helped Rig 2020 Election

(Republican Insider) – Those who hold all of the money and power are not exempt from accountability especially when they use that money and power to interfere with US elections.

It looks like Meta (Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan just might be feeling the heat after the documentary “Rigged” exposed their plot to influence the 2020 presidential election in favor of Joe Biden.

Just one week after “Rigged” exposed the truth, Zuckerberg’s nonprofit that facilitated most of his corrupt donations announced a new plan for this year’s midterm elections.

ABC News reports that the Center for Tech and Civic Life announced Monday it will not be distributing donations for this year’s midterm elections like it did during the 2020 cycle.

Hmm. Wonder why?

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Citizens United President David Bossie pointed out the fact that a majority of the donations facilitated by the CTCL came directly from Zuckerberg and went to heavily Democratic areas.

“The Chan-Zuckerberg initiative funded the Center for Tech and Civic Life,” Bossie said. “OK, so they gave $327 million to that organization, and that’s a 501(c)(3).

“And that organization filed their IRS 990s, their tax returns. So we went through them, and in there … 160 of those grants accounted for $272 million. And 92 percent, 92 percent of that $272 million went to Biden counties.”

Now, just one week after “Rigged” exposed this plot, the center is saying that won’t be handing out such grants during the midterm elections. What interesting timing to decide not to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to so-called democracy.

The CTCL isn’t completely done meddling in US elections, however. On Monday, the center announced a new project called the US Alliance for Election Excellence and will dedicate $80 million over the next five years to “create a network for the nation’s thousands of local election officials,” according to ABC News.

What could possibly go wrong?

It could not be more obvious that the center has directly campaigned on behalf of Democrats under the guise of improving elections so there’s no doubt this new program will be more of the same.

Of course, the next presidential election will fall right in the middle of the next five years that the center plans to dole out $80 million for this so-called network.

However, the announcement made by the CTCL did ensure that it will not be using any outside money to directly influence local election efforts so we can chalk that up to a win for now.

On top of CTCL’s announcement on Monday, a spokesman for Zuckerberg and Chan also issued a statement signaling yet another win.

“As Mark and Priscilla made clear previously, their election infrastructure donation to help ensure that Americans could vote during the height of the pandemic was a one-time donation given the unprecedented nature of the crisis,” spokesman Ben LaBolt said.

“They have no plans to repeat that donation,” he said.

Ah, yes. Zuckerberg and Chan were simply doing what any good American with billions of dollars would do for their country during a “pandemic.”

It certainly appears that Zuckerberg is wary of getting too involved with the midterm elections given the way “Rigged” has exposed their plot to interfere in the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Maybe there is some hope we can actually have fair and free elections this year.

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