DATA CONFIRMS: Hundreds Of Woke Streaming Shows Being Released… But Nobody Is Watching

(Republican Insider) – Brand new information released by popular Hollywood trade publication Variety during the month of March revealed that, aside from shows in the top 20, almost nobody is watching any of the woke garbage being produced by the biggest streaming services in the country. Maybe it’s because common folks care about good storytelling and awesome characters, and far less about political or social agenda being shoved down their throats? Just a theory.

“As series output soared to historic heights in 2022, with nearly 1,000 original titles released on the major [streaming] platforms,” the usually far-left publication stated, though it failed to give an explanation for why “viewership on most services was concentrated among fewer than two dozen shows.”

“Data … shows the top 20 most-watched TV seasons” on basically every streaming service other than Netflix “accounted for the vast majority of original series viewership on almost all of the major U.S.-based [streaming] platforms in 2022.”

Again, this really isn’t a shock for those who are normal, but it is always nice to see your beliefs and theories confirmed to be true by others. The fact of the matter is that the left once created most big films and television series, subtly weaving whatever message they wanted to share through a solid story with relatable characters. Now that every project is basically an in-your-face sermon, well, the good storytelling has fallen to the wayside.

“The drop-off between the top performing shows and the remainder is, if anything, even more striking,” the report added.

Another major streaming service, Disney+, which has caught a lot of flack for trying to indoctrinate young children with sexual deviancy by presenting homosexual couples in popular animated series and films, “released 50 original series in 2022 (not counting kids’ content),” and the shows in the top 10 most popular “seasons captured nearly 80% of original series viewing time; the next 10, just over 16%.”

Programs that didn’t make it into the top 20 only accounted for about 5 percent of viewing time on the service, the report divulged. And get this, aside from Peacock, which had three percent, Disney+ had the worst out of all major networks. Disney. The worst. It’s almost impossible to believe when you think about the vast array of amazing properties the company has created in the past, including their old school Marvel Cinematic Universe content.

“This data also indicates that most streaming originals do not have the rewatch value offered by many older series. Whereas beloved library shows such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ reliably chart among the most-watched titles on streaming week after week, year after year, new originals are hard-pressed to keep viewers coming back,” Variety said.

“Looking again at Disney+, only two of the top 10 original seasons in 2022 reappeared among the top 10 the next year: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 and limited series ‘Andor,’ both ‘Star Wars’ properties. (The former actually saw its share of viewing time rise year over year, likely bolstered by the third season’s premiere),” it continued.

John Nolte of Breitbart went on to explain why the shows are so terrible, saying, “And the primary reason they suck is the woketardery. As I’ve mentioned before, when you see lists of the greatest foreign movies ever made, there is one glaring omission (with the exception of the rebellious Sergei Eisenstein) — every country under Soviet domination during the Stalin era. Why? Because the commies only produced dull propaganda. Stalin understood the power of movies and even as he enjoyed American movies every evening in the Kremlin, Soviet citizens were fed a steady diet of forgettable and dull commercials — which is all propaganda is.”

“So what ARE Americans rewatching? Pre-woke shows such as Suits, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, Lost… You know, television shows that are actually entertaining, provocative, and offer subtext instead of straight text,” Notle continued, going on to declare, “Left-wing lectures, gay sex, men in dresses that we’re required to take seriously, virtue signaling, diversity hires — nothing’s funny, nothing’s irreverent, nothing’s fun. Instead of offering the pleasure of making us think, we are told what to think. It’s all garbage.”

“And the rejection of this garbage is costing Hollywood billions, and think of the waste — billions of dollars poured into thousands and thousands of hours no one will ever watch. It’s all ether. It’s like it never existed. But the older stuff, going all the way back to the 1950s through the 1980s, people are still watching through outlets such as Me TV and Grit,” Nolte pointed out.

No matter how much garbage Hollywood produces, until they recapture the formula of good storytelling and make that their main priority over agenda pushing, no one is going to watch the junk they release. Period.

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  1. Besides the fact that this “woke” garbage is C-R-A-P, it is NO WONDER that people are flushing this GARBAGE down the CRAPPER – WHOLESALE!


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